Oak Street: It sits at the edge of Orleans Parish, between the River Bend and the Jefferson Parish line. It holds many gems; artisan shops, great restaurants, local watering holes, famous places like the Maple Leaf Bar and Jacques-Imo’s Restaurant. What many people have come to find, but still more have yet to discover is the oasis that sits near the end of Oak Street just before it becomes River Road. This oasis, this break in the chaos that is our wonderful city of New Orleans, is Euphorbia.

Euphorbia is a unique establishment. It’s a tea room that serves freshly made raw brownies, delicious iced teas and unique kava and kratom beverages. The real beauty of this place, what truly makes it an oasis is not what it serves, but the sense of community and fellowship that it fosters. People enter strangers and leave friends and friendships grow and deepen into family. Euphorbia is named after a beautiful plant, and aptly so, for the sense of community and friendship that has taken root in this establishment has been beautiful for so many.

One could write about the positive impacts that Euphorbia and its curator, Ashley Dailey, have on the New Orleans community all day, how it is a chill space to unwind for some, a beautiful courtyard to write and read in for some, or a support network through hard times for others. However, to simply write about it from one person’s perspective would not do it justice. I had the chance to sit down with two regular customers and get their take on what Euphorbia means to them, what it has done for them and what it still does for them.

The first person I spoke with was a longtime regular named Braylee. She has been coming to Euphorbia for over 3 years, nearly as long as Euphorbia has been around (it was established in September of 2014). Her thoughts were as follows:

“Euphorbia is a peaceful place where I can recharge and connect with my community. It has changed my life by giving me access to kratom, which helps me manage my chronic pain and fatigue. Kratom tea and Euphorbia as a place both improve my quality of life.”

Braylee is not the only person to have made such statements. I too have found that the community at Euphorbia, coupled with the relaxing ambiance and the kind, empathetic woman who owns the business, has been a large part of why I’ve been able to grow so much emotionally and spiritually in the past few years.


The other person I had the chance to talk to was a woman who has been coming to Euphorbia for just over a year. Her name is Rhonda and she is a healer, a mother, and a kind woman. When I asked her why she felt passionately about her love for Euphorbia, she had this to say,
“For me it’s the authenticity and diversity of the crowd. The atmosphere of openness to all different types of people and conversation where no one has to worry about being attacked or judged means a great deal to me. I work from home so my time at Euphorbia is really the only time of day I get out and have conversation. It has become my daily break from work.”

“Let’s be honest I can drink kava and kratom from home, but it’s not the same as drinking and socializing with others. Euphorbia has become an outlet for me and a place to connect to all kinds of special people, and form new friendships. I love the vibe.”

Rhonda makes a point about the diversity and authenticity of the crowd. No one is judged at Euphorbia. It is a place where people can come and talk about different ideas about life if they want to, or read in silence if they want to. The community of people that gather at the establishment are what make it so special. The people, especially Ashley, the owner, make the vibe.

There’s something healing about a place where one can study, play games, smoke cigarettes in the courtyard and discuss the meaning of life, or just do nothing at all. Truly, Euphorbia is an oasis. Big Easy Magazine will be doing a follow up piece in the near future in which we sit down with the owner of Euphorbia, Ashley, and also discuss the healing properties of kava and kratom in more detail. In the mean-time, don’t just take my word for how wonderful this place is. Drop by Euphorbia at 8726 Oak St. any time between noon and eleven at night, any day of the week!

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