(More) MOVIE EVENTS! Weekend of JULY 20th – 22nd

Did last weekend’s 24-hour Shudder marathon not wet your whistle? How about our column on FILMTOPIA for this weekend? Not enough?

Well not to worry, for there are plenty of flicks to pick from in New Orleans!

Three Identical Strangers at The Broad

As a fraternal twin AND a panicky paranoid, the idea of doppelgangers and doubles, while fascinating, somehow worries me. The documentary Three Identical Strangers seems to take a more joyful look at the wonders of life and discovery as well as what it means to be an individual. At least, that’s what I hope it covers. If it turns into a triple threat slasher …

Path of Blood at Zeitgeist

Another documentary? Sorry, not sorry. This one could be thought of as a found footage horror inside the training of a terrorist organization. It could also be a look into a cult recruiting members to carry out acts of violence. More hard-hitting programming from Rene Broussard of Zeitgeist, for sure.

Unfriended: Dark Web at AMC Elmwood

What is this with potential horrors this weekend? The first Unfriended was comedy gold in my opinion, showcasing a ghost haunting some skype callers. This time, things are dirtier, with a journey into the dark realms of the “dark web”. People don’t just buy drugs there, mind you. They kill (because of course they do)! At the very least, this sequel should maintain expectations of fun throughout.

And, as always, there’s something to be found on Netflix and beyond (not the dark web). But please do get out of the house, into a well air conditioned space and enjoy a film with your community!

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