Dressing For White Linen, New Orleans

White Linen Night is one of the most upscale, relevant art associated events in New Orleans. The evening of White Linen this year will be on Saturday, August 4th, 2018. This fantastic expose of the finest art local galleries as well as the Ogden Museum and Contemporary arts center have much to share with those in attendance. This includes delicious local cuisine and cocktails along the streets upon which people stroll, wandering from one gallery to the next in their very well selected outfits for such an evening, in which the clothing on the countless people enjoying what the yearly affair has become a sort of art within itself. Personally choosing my best look in white with care, I figure some pre event fashion tips may be helpful:

This young lady has pulled out all the stops, with flat sandals as well as a classic, elegant look with a splash of color in her red handbag. Her necklace is an extravagant, handcrafted ring, finding its place on a chain around her neck.

These two happily dress in mutually complimentary outfits, sweet and simple with subtle accessories.

This woman sports her feline side boldly and beautifully in this exquisite, incredibly unique, elaborate outfit with intriguing makeup and a look that is bound to turn heads!

These ladies are ready for a good time in matching boas, distinctive jewelry, and a pair of winning smiles.

A simple, masculine look with a personal touch, in this case a crystal necklace, is a fail-safe for a bachelor or the handsome man beside a lovely lady.

Like this one for example, in a fun, flirty sheer Asian print top (of course with a subtle tank top underneath to give only the notion of being scantily clad, a breezy sweater and cowboy boots, along with a charm necklace of her own design and earrings and other jewelry which complement the outfit and bring it together.

For the low maintenance girl, reluctant to shed her sneakers, try flirting them up with a mini skirt and comfy white button down shirt with a sexy chemise peeking out. Keep your hair out of your face AND you’d better flaunt your jewelry with a stylish hair scarf, which will also help with the signature NOLA August humidity.

This fun, floral, flirty number is both comfortable in the late summer heat and an eye catcher.

The woman below is very festive with a red and white print tank top along with the classic year round New Orleans accessory, Mardi  Gras beads.

Niva looks lovely and naturalistic in a lightweight turtleneck midriff with long hair blowing free in the wind!

If there’s no time to stop home between the office and White Linen, ditch the blazer and name tag to reveal this cute, seasonal blouse.

Or try a sweet retro look for the girly-girl.

This couple clearly has still got it!

Whatever you wear to White Linen, make it awesome and have fun!

The Author would like to include a special thanks to special to the people who helped her make the White Linen fashion pictures happen! Edgar Mauri Sierra, Frances Marley, and Ryan Armstrong all deserve a heartfelt “Thank You!”


Editor’s note:  If you enjoy Margaret’s writing, don’t forget to check out her piece on a local favorite hang-out space D4!

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