(Progressive) Events! August 3rd – 5th

For us at Big Easy Magazine, progressivism isn’t something to apologize for – It’s something to be celebrated and acted on. This weekend, here in New Orleans, is Netroots Nation 2018! A collection and collective of events and people representing the entire spectrum of left politics. There’ll be speeches and meet/greets, but for this voter, it’s all about the panels.

Allow me to highlight but a few:

From Online Message Boards to Trump’s Tweets

We’ve all seen the spread of “fake news” accusations and alt-right inspired sanctimony and harassment towards anyone and everyone. Sure, lefties can get angry too, but rarely ever at the pitch as of late. This panel, moderated by Rebecca Lenn of Media Matters, will cover how this hate can come offline and into real life, and what users alike can do to counter. Friday, August 3rd at 4:15 PM.

Undercover in the Alt-Right

To label all Republicans and Conservatives as Nazis or Nazi sympathizers is vastly unfair and hyperbolic. There is a connection that can’t be denied though, one that feels all too real and can be both shocking and infuriating. This film screening will showcase the hidden camera documentary by Patrik Hermansson, where he infiltrated and lived within the Nazi Alt-Right for over a year.  The trailer has been embedded below. A discussion on the film and what it means will be moderated by Melissa Ryan. Saturday, August 4th at 11:45 AM.

How Saving Refugees Might Just Save Us Instead

Jasmine El-Gamal hosts this panel on the very important topic of refugee exploitation. When and how do campaigns and politicians use victims and survivors of crisis/conflict as political pawns? What can we do to point it out and get to the heart of the issue? Locally and nationally, candidates need to do better by not using people to score points, so to speak. This discussion will help. Saturday, August 4th at 3:30 PM.

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