EVENTS! For August 10th – 12th

My goodness, we’ve made it through another week, haven’t we? This computer simulation we call reality keeps throwing us curve ball after curve ball, especially in the city we call big and easy. From shifty buffoons known as leaders to lowly paid and poorly managed cooks known as teens, the work week is a struggle to get through. But, have no fear: Three-weekend events have been selected and sorted out of the collective hat, to put some pep in your step!

Sick to Death! at Zeitgeist – All Weekend

Yes, to pick up spirits, I’m starting this events piece off involving the word “death”. Sick to Death!, from director Maggie Hadleigh-West, will screen as part of a triple feature of her work at Zeitgeist. The documentary centers on corrupt medical practices and services as it relates to thyroid disease. The medical “industry” can be cruel but I’m willing to bet Maggie and her film can be stronger. Her work plays through Sunday.

PodernLove National Podcast Convention – All Weekend

At the InterContinental Hotel on St. Charles, podcasters from the region and all over the country will converge for a weekend-long conference on the art of talking into a microphone and telling stories! Panels, meet and greets, live recordings, etc. Have you ever thought about starting one? This might just be the ideal place to find out how. And stay tuned to this very website, as we plan on getting in on the action too! We’re all about giving a voice to those who are overlooked, and podcasts do just that!

Dirty Linen Night – Saturday, August 11th

An evening of haunting the art galleries and shopping for various wares? Out in the humidity? No wonder your linen will get dirty … This event brings together the community for a night of cultural support and discovery, never disappointing! Stroll the Quarter, meet some folk and get dirty!  If prior art strolls smelled a bit too much of classism for you, or if you just enjoy an excuse to peruse art galleries, make sure to attend dirty linen night!

As we say at Big Easy Magazine, progressive values aren’t something to apologize for – They’re something to be owned through action.  Make sure to check out our latest article in the things to do section for information on the Red Dress Run!

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