THE Events! for August 24th – 26th

Is it Friday? Again?


The end of the work week for a few, just another day for those over-worked folks who work weekends and/or unemployed folks. The artifice of “the weekend” gets us through with the promise of relaxation, despite the fact that we could just be mellow all the time, for that is within us all along.

How about we go over a few event selections, huh?:

2001: A Space Odyssey in AMC IMAX at Elmwood – Starts Friday, August 24th

Of course, as a film critic and buff (of movies not muscles), anything with Stanley Kubrick at the helm is to be appreciated and seen. This restoration of specific large format elements – struck from a rare cut – of 2001: A Space Odyssey was undertaken by Christopher Nolan and company, to not only highlight the splendor of reel film but to showcase a version of the movie that changed movies forever, for old and new generations. And while this week-long presentation at Elmwood will not be in 70mm (only a handful are), it will be a spectacular show of light and movement none the less! Don’t forget to buy your tickets!

Glitter is Coming: A Game of Thrones Burlesque – Sunday, August 26th, 11 PM

The Society of Sin & Burlesque Variety will be putting on a Game of Thrones (from HBO) inspired burlesque show at Harrah’s Theater Sunday night. I’m intrigued. I’m flabbergasted. I’m impressed. “Nerd-lesque” at its finest to be sure!

Full Circle at Antenna – August 11th – September 2nd

The great folks at Antenna Gallery on St. Claude have an exhibition on themes ranging from time to social inclusion and exclusion. Featuring the works of Ana Hernandez, A Scribe Called Quess and many others, it will use circumference mapping to engage and enlighten.

As those of us behind the magic here at Big Easy Magazine like to say, progressive values aren’t something to apologize for – They’re something to be owned through action! So get out there and celebrate the arts in the way that best suits you!  Whether it’s film, visual art, performance art or music, the arts truly have their roots in progressive values.  Don’t forget to take a look at our latest article in the things to do section for a run down of a few of the unique, locally owned record stores of New Orleans that warrant your attention!

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