There is so much going on in NOLA this weekend that it can seem nearly impossible to decide what to do. This is the twelfth edition of a weekly series in which we here at Big Easy Magazine give suggestions on fun ways to spend a day, evening or afternoon in our beloved city. So let’s begin! What’s a good way to spend a weekend in New Orleans, or more specifically, what’s a great way to use your time this weekend in the city of New Orleans? No matter what your plans are, make time in your day to check out one of New Orleans many locally owned record stores!

With a city culture so wrapped up in music, any weekend is a great weekend to venture into one (or many) of New Orleans’ locally owned and operated record stores. I’m bound to miss a few establishments in this brief piece. If I do, please feel free to leave a comment with the name of the record store and why you think it’s worth checking out! Vinyl is a medium that some thought would fade away into oblivion. Well, it hasn’t! Vinyl is back and growing in its popularity. Evidence of this is all around us in our fine city. There is a variety of one-of-a-kind, locally owned record stores all within a few miles of each other. I’ll mention a few of my favorites!

To start there is, of course, Peaches records! This establishment used to be down in the French Quarter but has fairly recently moved to Magazine Street near Napoleon Avenue (4318 Magazine St. to be exact). One of New Orleans’ best known record stores, Peaches is absolutely worth a visit. From their recognizable t-shirts and eclectic selection of gifts to their rows upon rows of both new and used records, one could spend hours browsing their selection.

The next record store that I’m going to mention is also on Magazine street. Sisters in Christ, one of New Orleans newer vinyl selling establishments, is perhaps one of the most unique stores I’ve ever set foot in. At 5206 Magazine street, Sisters in Christ has an incredible selection of records and tapes you’re not likely to find anywhere else. From rare punk rock vinyls and awesome horror movie soundtracks to experimental small release cassettes from independent labels all over the country, this establishment will blow you away with its selection. They also have a number of locally drawn and published zines for sale. There is truly something for everyone here. You will find something that you need, even if you didn’t know you needed it before walking into the shop.

We will now depart Magazine St. and visit the Bywater. Located at 3301 Chartres street, Euclid records cannot be missed! It can’t be missed because if you pass it, it’s one of the only buildings around with a hot pink storefront. The impressive used and new selection of vinyl along with the knowledgeable staff don’t hurt either. Even if vinyls aren’t your thing, this store is worth checking out for its unique interior and architecture alone!

Up next is a record store on Bourbon street. Located at 907 Bourbon street, Skully’z Recordz may be smaller than other record stores, but it certainly does not lack in selection and originality. With a wide selection of used and new vinyls available, this store offers a bit of a reprieve from the hustle and bustle of Bourbon Street and is highly recommended if you find yourself in the quarter.

The last shop that I’ll mention is Domino Sound Record Shack. If you find yourself in MidCity, it is absolutely worth your time to make a point of visiting Domino Sound at 2557 Bayou road. Most well known for its unique and large selection of 45s, this shop has a fantastic selection of both used and new vinyl. They are also well known for their immense international music selection!

No matter what you end up doing this weekend, regardless of which local record store you decide to peruse, don’t forget to keep on drinking water! Be kind! Be New Orleans! Also, make sure you take the time to check out a few of our recent articles, like this piece on the Coffee Industry in our city, this recently featured poem by an up and coming local writer, or our most recent article on the Saints!

If you have thoughts on this piece, be sure to comment, or if you just have thoughts on living and working in this city that you want to share, feel free to contribute to our blog! Lastly, don’t forget to check out the events section on our website for many other good ideas on how to get the most out of your weekend.

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