EVENTS! For August 31st – September 3rd (Labor Day Weekend 2018)


It’s the end of August, the beginning of Labor Day weekend 2018.

Whatever will one do with this four day holiday?

We have three selections that just may hit your fancy just right:

Southern Decadence, 8/30 – 9/3

Southern Decadence

“Too much of a good thing is wonderful” – Liberace, as quoted on This fest celebrates LGBTQ culture and, in its 47th year, continues to do so with a bang. Held throughout the French Quarter, this year’s theme is “House of Bourbon – Unleash Your Beast”. Interpret that at will. Who will show? What will happen?

Get your passes or watch when passing by on the street!  The official Southern Decadence walking parade begins at 2pm on Sunday September 2nd!  It starts at the Golden Lantern bar near the intersections of Decatur and Barracks streets.  Be sure to click the link above or at the end of the article for more information on this parade and its route!

-If you’re feeling more risqué and you’re in the mood for a strip show featuring local, amateur talent, DO NOT MISS “Boys on Parade” at the Bourbon Pub on Saturday September 1st!  This event starts at midnight and shall be followed by dancing (likely till the sun comes up).  Must be 21 to attend this event!

Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood, opens 8/31 at The Broad

With the promise of outlandish shenanigans, Southern Decadence isn’t having the only fun in town. The Broad Theatre will be screening a new documentary about a young man and secret sexual hookups with many a famous classic movie star. It’s a tell-all sort of thing, juicy in detail, kept behind closed doors for too long.

Those of us behind Big Easy Magazine have said it before, and we’ll say it again; progressive values aren’t something to apologize for nor are they something to hold only in theory.  These values are to be owned through Action!  So get out and about this weekend! Enjoy your labor day weekend!  Whether you’re celebrating with Southern Decadence or you’re catching a film at a locally run theater, get out there and take in some of the most unique aspects of our city’s culture!  Make sure to take a gander at our latest article in the things to do section for more details on Southern Decadence and why it is worth attending (or at least reading about, if it’s not your cup of tea)!

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