Midsummer Mardi Gras 2018: A Krewe Of Oak Utopia

Upon arrival at the Maple Leaf – the epicenter of the amazing group of people, events, and attractions known as Midsummer Mardi Gras – my boyfriend, close friend, and I arrive on the scene. My boyfriend and I are dressed as Casanova and Henriette, the one woman Casanova truly loved but could not have. We arrive just in time for a sing-along on the sidewalk, commencing the festivities.

Then the parade commences, with the current royalty of Krewe Of Oak leading the way. Everyone is wonderfully costumed.

The parties, both on the street and inside the Maple Leaf Bar carry on at an accelerated speed; all present are headed, full throttle, for a good time!

Night falls. The band is performing with incredible zeal. People revel in the crowd, music, and convivial vibes surrounding them.

The theme is Hard Oak. In accordance, many people are dressed as construction workers, while others take a more daring approach, sporting absurd prosthetic body parts. Others simply do their thing. Everyone looks marvelous! Doug, my favorite door guy is very pleased with the turnout and LOVES the costumes!

Case in point.

Things become increasingly wild, but remain fun, as much love remains in the air with good people, good music, good lighting and lasers, courtesy of my friend, Duke, and much love all around.

Even the band was having so much fun, caught up in the evening, that they did not take a break. I did not get to speak to them, but the amazing show they put on was more than enough.

Eventually, we get weary and retire, having thoroughly enjoyed a lovely Midsummer Mardi Gras with The Krewe Of Oak!


Editor’s note:  If you enjoy Margaret’s photography and writing, be sure to check out her piece on white linen night!

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