The Progressive’s Weekend: 9/14 – 9/16

Past policies, beyond bickering and right at the doorstep of our inner child, this is The Progressive’s Weekend!

Primary elections and mid-terms. Hurricanes and expose’s. So much in the news to sift through, it can be a hassle just reading up on what’s happening around you. Well, this being one more article to read, I can’t help much on that end. However, this piece, in particular, is sure to provide some respite and relaxation from the noise buzzing all around us. Shortly timed planning and well-scheduled arrangements, I have a trio of events coming very soon!

For you and your loved ones (hopefully the left-leaning kind):

Fahrenheit 11/9 by Michael Moore – Friday, 9/21 at local theaters (AMC Elmwood, The Broad, etc)

We at Big Easy Magazine are currently campaigning for this film, the latest incendiary documentary from everyone’s favorite hat wearing filmmaker (not named Kevin Smith) Michael Moore, to be shown in New Orleans two days early on 9/19 via Gathr. The film, focusing on President Trump, how we got into this mess we call his administration and the effect it’s had on all of us, is sure to ruffle feathers on both sides of the aisle, and with good reason. Conservatives will be upset about being made to be villains, liberals will be upset with looking complacent and Trump will … well … just look at him. If you can’t reserve a ticket to our event, no worries: Fahrenheit 11/9 will still release two days later. We urge everyone to get your tickets this weekend for next!

UniverSoul Circus’ “Faster, Funkier, Louder Tour” – Wednesday, 9/12 – 9/23 at Old Lake Forest Plaza

Ever since choosing not to follow the clown that picked me from the audience, I’ve had a long-standing uninterest in the circus as a whole. However, I do love the familial misfit aspect. Those beautifully crazy and courageous souls that dare to dream and act big. Celebrating its 25th Anniversary, UniverSoul Circus – combining circus, theatre, and music (Hip Hop, Jazz, Gospel, etc) into a giant beast of a show – is currently in New Orleans, putting on the mic drop of all big tent performances. Featuring artists from all over the globe, the cultural diversity will be off the charts. The stunts will be breathtaking. The memories will last forever.

And Then Came Humans (record release) – Sunday, 9/16 at Gasa Gasa

Billed as “an indie jazz-funk/rock/experimental duo”, And Then Came Humans have quite the electric and maybe satirical sound. There’s a humor to their music (and videos on youtube) that can’t be overlooked nor unheard. No matter what they’re making fun of and/or whom, the main constant in their sound is motion. Motion like the currents caused by the Moon’s pull. Motion like the kind that drives us all forward in time and life. The group will be releasing a record this Sunday and will be joined by Beetle, Elephant’s Gerald and our favorite Mighty Brother. It’s sure to be a barn burner.

Now that we’ve cut through the smog of information, and delivered some special and highly recommended listings, go forth and get absorb the culture! As we say here at Big Easy Magazine, values are not meant to simply be spoken about but lived out.

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