Court nominee Brett KavanaughPast policies, beyond bickering and right at the doorstep of our inner child, this is The Progressive’s Weekend!

With all of the hyperbole – earned and unearned – and rightful suspicions surrounding Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, joy at the end of the work week may feel sucked from your very soul. After all, what’s to celebrate when smug schmucks get to have the final say over our lives? In an effort to move the conversation forward some, through this article’s usual listing of three event recommendations, the following is inspired by Kavanaugh and the GOP who encourage and support him. If we play any part in his denial of confirmation, let it be done while having some measure of fun:

NOLA Horror Film Festival – The Prytania, 9/20 – 9/23

Be it local, national, foreign, short, or feature, the NOLA Horror Film Festival – now in its 8th year – will screen a diverse array of genre films at the always excellent Prytania Theatre. For the past few months, the fest has been programming a Kill-O-Rama series of classic slasher and monster flicks, culminating now (but I believe will continue) in a weekend-long session of independent storytelling. How is Kavanaugh attached? Well, what better way to escape the real life horror of his nomination with the horrors of our own imaginations? And what could be more progressive than supporting the next wave of cinema?

NOLA On Tap Beer Fest – City Park’s Festival Grounds, 9/22 from Noon til 7 PM

Drink Responsibly! The NOLA On Tap Beer Fest is this Saturday at the City Park Festival Grounds. Food, beverages, and community. The trifecta, really. However, on top of that, this event will help fund the Louisiana SPCA, so they can continue to serve our furry friends in need. This is an important group that does important work, especially considering the a-ok messages the Trump Administration have been sending to poachers and abusers worldwide, and that they are always looking to cut grants to any group deemed too liberal. Drink Responsibly and know you’re doing something good!

TeenREACH New Orleans – Planned Parenthood, 9/22 from 11 AM til 1 PM

We’re sure to get some feedback on this one. Of course, Roe v Wade is the main target of GOP legislators right now, salivating at the Kavanaugh opportunity they have to restrict women’s rights and gain points with certain voters and financers. TeenREACH looks to train kids between the ages of 13 and 19 to become educators of health benefits and civil rights in their neighborhoods and be

yond. This is a wonderful outreach approach, directly teaching the next generation/future leaders of the world on the importance of Planned Parenthood’s services. Spread the word, loud and proud!

Every weekend is a progressive weekend (the weekend was literally won by the blood, sweat and lives of labor and the union loving left). Each day is full of moments that allow us to move forward and grow. And, as we say here at Big Easy Magazine, values are not meant to simply be spoken about but lived out.

Also, if you’re uptown this evening (Friday the 21st), be sure to come by Euphorbia Kava Bar at 8726 Oak Street for the Big Easy Magazine release party!  Beginning at 7PM there will be free pizza (and delicious sodas and vegan desserts for purchase)!

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