Love Poem, October in New Orleans

New Orleans Streetcar

So we have found ourselves in this crazy town

waiting for the autumn that never comes.

You are my perennial summer.


You do to me what rain does with light,

whispering color into the sky.


I have collected ecstasies but this is the kind that lasts–

your pine-green eyes.


We’ve found ourselves in this crazy town

and it’s drowning. The whole place will be gone like a page in a book,


Still the streetcar makes its rounds.


For you I’d make endless repetitions,

like the earth around the sun, which has

no other plans.



Molly Kirschner is a poet and playwright. Kirschner’s first book of poems, Hard Proof, was released in July of 2015 from Red Mountain Press. Her second collection, Notes For Further Research, was released in December 2017 from Anaphora Literary Press. Kirschner’s poems have appeared in numerous journals, as well as in Italian translation. In January 2018 she was a featured reader at the Maple Leaf Bar in New Orleans, and she has previously read at Cornelia Street Café (New York, NY), Poet NY/Bowery Club (New York, NY), Great Weather For Media (New York, NY), Inspired Word (New York, NY), Writers Room (New York, NY), Chinatown Soup (New York, NY), Teatro Paraguas (Santa Fe, NM), and South Street Café (Bennington, VT).


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