*The Following Poem will appear in a collection of poetry that is being published by Nolan Storey in a few short weeks!  Be sure to continue to check in with Big Easy Magazine on Wednesdays for updates!


Lightning courses through the mind,

Words of hope fill the ears,

Fire burns inside the chest,

The cloth of truth wipes dry her tears.


The shackles on her thoughts at last,

Broken by this surging storm,

Willful servitude, aside, now cast,

Destiny in her own hands to form.


Bound not by the laws of men,

Nor limited by their decrees,

No longer could they tell her who and when to be.


Only to her own heart and soul,

Did any allegiance or loyalty she owe.

Her duty simply to live and to love,

Needing no blessing from up above. 


Now embracing the whole of who she is,

Pride and humility dance within.

Smiling, with relief she sighs,

Moving past the myth of original sin.


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