A Look Ahead at Our December Edition

It’s time, once again, for Big Easy Magazine to release our regular monthly edition of featured articles!

Our editorial board meets at the beginning of each month to discuss what’s relevant, what’s of interest, what’s progressive, and what’s New Orleans. With everyone having a say, we come together on a game plan for the next twenty or so days to develop and conjure up various essays, reports, and interviews on topics that we hope will push our community and culture forward and upward.

Ranging from marijuana legalization to ableism to tragedy, Big Easy Magazine continues to cover eclectic topics and diverse voices, all of which can have a positive impact on this city and her residents. On our neighborhoods and our neighbors.

Unapologetically Progressive, Uniquely New Orleans: The following is our list of 5 December preview highlights!

Legalizing Recreational Marijuana – Could NOLA’s Disadvantaged Communities Benefit? By Nicole Nixon

Does acceptance via legalization forgive past transgressions? What happens to the people who have records for possessing cannabis?

Yes, We’re Here: An Interview on Chained for Life

By Bill Arceneaux

Regarding ableism in film and media, we interviewed the filmmakers of Chained for Life and an activist about the movie and the issues represented.

Birth in New Orleans

By Jenn Bentley

How does the birth experience differ between the rich and the more disadvantaged populations of New Orleans?

Tourette’s Syndrome, A Personal Account

By Margaret Marley

A personal look at what living life with Tourette’s is like.

The Battle With Street Mentality and Rap Success

By Nicole Nixon

A tribute to New Orleans rapper Young Greatness, and a look at street culture, and the potential damage it causes.

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Bill Arceneaux has been an independent writer and film critic in the New Orleans area since 2011, working with outlets like Film Threat, DIG Baton Rouge, Crosstown Conversations, and Occupy. He is a member of the Southeastern Film Critics Association and is Rotten Tomatoes approved. Be sure to check out his film reviews and other articles here.

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