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Credit: Nick Boulet

Journalism is incredibly important to a democratic society. As people who work to inform others of news and events going on in the world around them, journalists are one of the keys to a well-educated and informed public.

It’s the journalist’s job to serve as a watchdog – acting as another check in the government’s balance of power. The press keeps both local and national government accountable to the people by reporting on their activities.

The New Orleans Junior Journalism Program (JRNOLA) understands the importance of journalists in a democratic society. That’s why they’re working hard to educate and mentor the next generation of New Orleans journalists. With their help, high schoolers from around New Orleans are getting real-life experience covering news, sports, arts and entertainment, as well as learning photojournalism, and more.

As one of JRNOLA’s publication partners, we’ve seen firsthand the skills that the students involved with the program are learning. We’ve also been honored to be a part of helping them showcase those skills by publishing student-written content right here on our website.

For the 2018-19 school year, JRNOLA’s program features nine up-and-coming journalists and photojournalists. The students range from age from 15 to 17 and come from all over New Orleans. Through the program, they get access to technology in addition to mentorship, and each member is an officially accredited member of the media for all events.

Students must apply for membership in the program. In order to be accepted they must:

  • Be a student at any Louisiana high school (9-12 grade, public or private), OR be at least 14 and show evidence of homeschooling
  • Receive a letter of recommendation from their sponsoring school administrator or teacher
  • Have reliable transportation to events they cover as well as the JRNOLA newsroom
  • Complete a 750 word original essay (or submit a 750 word writing sample) on “Why I Would Like to be a Junior Journalist.”

Applications for the Spring 2019 program are open now! Students can submit their applications here.

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