Big Easy Magazine Coverage of Donald Trump’s Speech in New Orleans

Air Force One has just landed in New Orleans, Donald Trump is going to be giving a speech at the convention center before the Farm Bureau Conference shortly, and Big Easy Magazine is on the scene. In spite of his being involved with a record-breaking government shutdown, the crowd is still expected to be sympathetic to Trump’s message.

Most of the video playing before his speech has focused on the success of government deregulation, and the room hasn’t yet filled. Yet at no other time has his administration seemed to be in more political peril than now, with Trump’s support taking a substantial hit from the shutdown.

As with all speeches Trump gives, there is a likely chance that despite the teleprompters set up, he could speak off the cuff about issues unrelated to the subject at hand. We’re ready to capture video and audio of the President’s remarks today.

Meanwhile, outside the Convention Center, a crowd has begun to gather to protest President Trump’s visit, his policies, and the border wall he champions.

Credit: Nicole Nixon, Big Easy Magazine


We will have more updates as the day continues.

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