Protestors Gather at NOLA’s Convention Center

With the current government shutdown officially holding the record for being the longest in American history, citizens are under significant distress – and New Orleans’ citizens are no exception. Today, Trump arrived in New Orleans to speak at the American Farm Bureau Federation’s 2019 Annual Convention.

Credit: Nicole Nixon

Protestors gathered hours before his arrival; over 200 citizens organized at the convention center with a majority present to protest their discontent. It was a peaceful protest, though decorated with overt signs, impassioned with speeches for change, and penetrating with cries for help due to the government’s shutdown. Collective in rallying: black people, white people, male, and female – the group of protesters sang together, “we shall overcome,” and chanted together, “end Trump’s shutdown; shutdown Trump.”


Credit: Nicole Nixon

With NOLA businesses such as The Ruby Slipper supporting unpaid government workers with meals, the crowd many times erupted with call and response chants: “put the workers back to work,” adding, “with back pay,” and “they’ve got to eat too!”

Credit: Nicole Nixon

Overall, citizens braved the 45-degree temperatures to proclaim, “No more walls!” and “Hate has no place here.”

Protesters with more aggressive messages attended the demonstration. These citizens made chants and signs, such as, “not my President,” or showed open disapproval of the border wall. They also chanted together, “Impeach Donald Trump.” Another group collectively called out, “No Trump. No KKK. No fascist USA!”

While a smaller collective, pro-Trump demonstrators were in attendance. The group showed approval of the wall and were enthusiastic about his presidency. The interaction between both sets of protesters was peaceful.

Nicole Nixon is a dedicated wife and mother who values leadership and business. Motivated by her husband and her son, she is vested in the empowerment and positive commercialization of black men in America.


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