Chef Payne Catering & The Better Boys Initiative Feed the Furloughed in BR

As the government shutdown beats on, federal workers are feeling the hurt now more than ever. Paychecks are at $0, savings (if any) are drying up, bills are due, and groceries are in dire need. Charities are doing what they can to fill the void, but are, quite frankly, seeing their services choked by the overwhelming needs of the community. Of course, there’s always “garage sales” to be held over this “free vacation”

Beyond that, businesses big and small are stepping up. Check Payne Catering, in partnership with the Better Boys Initiative, will be providing free hot breakfasts to furloughed workers who are working without pay at the Baton Rouge Metro Airport. As posted on Facebook:

If you would like to make a non tax deductible donation to assist with our efforts, you can cash app us at $HelpBBI, or you mail a check payable to Better Boys Initiative to 4700 Millwood Dr. #86028, BR, La 70817. Thank you for your contribution!

The BBI (Better Boys Initiative) is a non-profit that “uses the arts to develop character and bolster self-esteem amongst minority and underserved young men throughout Baton Rouge.”

Chef Payne Catering, established in 2011, offers catering services to the Greater Baton Rouge area through Uber Eats and other apps.

The Red Slipper Cafe too is offering free food to local federal workers at all regional locations.

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