Ingrained in her head from birth,

To overshadow her time on Earth,

The rules and ideals of men,

Who had long since passed away,

Their patriarchal chains lingered on,

Casting grey skies over all her days.


Traditions that seemed like wisdom and class

Were based in ego and fear,

Ideals which were limiting and crass

At all times rang in her ears.


Through knowledge, courage, and determination,

She finally broke these chains,

Although many try to refasten them to her,

Every day she breaks them again.


This is a poem from Nolan Storey’s book, “Damning Love.” It is available for purchase at Blue Cypress Books on Oak Street!  100% of the proceeds from this book go to the struggling writers of New Orleans!  Well… one of them anyways.


Editor’s Note: Make sure you check out some of Big Easy Magazine’s previously featured poets!  Works by Julia Gene Taylor, Sharita Sims, Molly Kirschner and Caroline Greenberg are excellent places to start!

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