According to Big Sean, girls only pronounce hate for guys they love

I told you I hated Drake while under fire, but, in truth, I love him

With my entire deluded heart


Do you know how much I hate you

For apologizing to me when I did you wrong?

I guess I’d been feeling Nice for What


I won’t apologize for getting my tits sucked

In defense of all shamed sluts

Though, I’m sorry for sewing my heart shut


Another day with Lana Del Rey

Another night with an empty cunt

I want to say I can’t wake up without you


But you don’t want another selfish song


I need a strength

I’ve never had

To let the past be gone


JGT is an artist and writer who is intrigued and inspired by the city of New Orleans. Stars and grandmothers are closest to her heart, but she usually ends up writing about men. She recently released a chapbook, Heartworm.  You can read more of her poetry here!  You can also see both Julia and her work featured in our recent piece on rising women poets in New Orleans! 

Editor’s Note: This will be the last weekly poem for a few months, but if you have any poetry you’d like us to publish on our platform in the interim, email it to! 

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