New Orleans Kiss Mouth

New Orleans

New Orleans your wet day                 drive-by’s

are hot blood                                       hot saucing in roadway’s potholes      of mush-mud.

New Orleans your witchcraft              soul-saved me from husband-             heartbreak,

drafted to be wed                                 by the cast bones of a brood hen.

Back pat                                              back pat                                               doing good.

Out the draft,                                       the thrown bones,

out the marriage,                                  new home.

New Orleans got that back pat,

doing good. Rain clucks          the clothes line,

                                                                        porch smiles    and a black cat.

                        Sheets soaked in          red wine.

New Orleans to boil tap,

fizz fast            to be on time—                        — real late.

                        Lead pipes with a Who Dat,

wet days          kiss mouth on the first date. Who Dat you fuck good,

crescent moon mugging          my body moanin’ like mammas durin’ birthin’,          lifted

skirts got that trip        on the street     jazz     electric             blue.

                                    Second time,                                        trip on the cracks,

            trip on the lift-skirt walk,         second line—              throw bones.

New Orleans not my home but you real nice.

Real nice                                  been real good,            feeling fine                  moon manners,

whatchu mean I can be nice?

Whatchu mean I can smile?

Whatchu do?               baby                You good?

mornin ma’am when you walkin’—

Kiss mouth on the first date.   Second time all the time           any time           never late

lead pipe                      back pat           husband           what’s good?               Lead pipe                     back pat                       sheets soaked in                      red—wine

                        Who Dat?                                Husband’s                   second line.

New Orleans not my home but you real nice.

Real nice                                  been real good,            feeling fine.

New Orleans your wet days,

drive-by’s, are a hot blood

hot saucing on roadways,

potholes in the mush-mud.

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