Louisiana House Supports Legal CBD and Hemp

Photo by Sabrina Rohwer

On Tuesday (May 7), the Lousiana House of Representatives amended a bill that would legalize growing hemp to also include legalizing the sale of CBD oil.

The amended version of House Bill 491 would allow CBD oil to be sold legally in Louisiana, as long as it is not included in beverages, food, or smoked.

Up until now, CBD products have been in a legal “gray area,” as they are federally legal, but banned at the state level. Therefore, stores that have received permits from the Louisiana Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control are not allowed to sell it, but stores that do not require those permits are.

The main purpose of HB491 is to make it legal for Louisiana farmers to grow hemp, which can be used to create a number of products from cloth to paper and more. Gowers would be licensed under the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry. The department would also inspect crops, track acreage, and have the power to destroy plants containing too much THC.

It’s hoped that hemp will prove to be a “cash crop” for Louisiana farms of all sizes.

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