Second Line Brewery Meet & Greet with Dr. Tammy Savoie – Recap


With State Congresswoman (and Republican) Stephanie Hilferty’s seat (district 94 covering metro New Orleans) coming up this year, candidates are racing (no pun intended) to reach voters every which way they can. Dr. Tammy Savoie, whom we spotlighted before during her run for Steve Scalise’s seat, is out and about campaigning once again.

This past Tuesday evening, Dr. Savoie, held a meet & greet event at Second Line Brewing, with food and drink available at discount. The event was hosted by Indivisible NOLA and Sister District NOLA to celebrate endorsements from Indivisible NOLA, Sister District Project (national), and Sister District NOLA. Big Easy Magazine’s publisher Scott Ploof was there.

She spoke to everyone on the issues she’ll be running on, and the policies she plans on developing and advocating for. Below are but a few of her thoughts and ideas:

“My motto is: A strong business environment means a strong community and a strong community means a strong business environment.”

“I will fight ferociously to advance Louisiana on all fronts to lift us from the bottom of all the life quality indexes, including being the worst state in the union for women to live.”

“We have seen threats to our democracy across the country which we must combat on all levels, federal, state and local!”

Some plans discussed included:

  • Tackle water management and flood protection, levee and lakefront protection,
  • Invest in our infrastructure (improving deteriorating roadways and bridges),
  • Economic prosperity to include a livable wage for all, pay equity, pay transparency, local control over minimum wage and municipal issues,
  • Affordable accessible health care with continued Medicaid expansion and maintaining coverage for preexisting conditions,
  • Maintain women’s reproductive rights and bodily autonomy; comprehensive sex education; accessible, affordable contraception, and pre and post-natal care,
  • Gun violence prevention.
  • Buttress and advance voter rights protection to include increasing ease of registration and voting,
  • Addressing climate change and the existential threat that we face in Louisiana, particularly in Jefferson and Orleans Parishes due to our vanishing coastline.

For more information on her campaign, visit

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