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Photo Credit: Jenn Bentley, Big Easy Magazine

The Escape Game in New Orleans has only been open for two weeks, but they’re already getting a lot of attention. Located at 233 N. Peters St., they’re in a prime spot to bring in foot traffic as people explore the French Quarter.

From the outside, you’d never guess at what’s waiting for you – a fun, unique experience that combines Hollywood-style set design with challenging puzzles to create an unforgettable adventure for you and your friends. The experience begins with choosing from one of four adventures.

Photo Credit: Jenn Bentley, Big Easy Magazine

Once you’ve checked in and a room becomes available (they’re already pretty busy, and you might have to wait if you haven’t called ahead to book an adventure slot), you head down a hallway that gives no hint at what awaits you.

Photo Credit: Jenn Bentley, Big Easy Magazine

Once you pass through those doors, though, it’s like stepping into a different world.

The Games

The Playground

Photo Credit: The Escape Game

The great thing about The Playground is that this adventure is suitable for families and groups with kids – although adults will love it just as much. You and your team have to earn a passing grade on your final report card and make it out of the room so that you can head to the annual Summer Kickoff Kickball Tournament together in time.

Special Ops

Photo Credit: The Escape Game

In this adventure, your team takes on the role of secret agents. Your routine check of a local market turns into a matter of world security. Can you solve the puzzles and save the world in time? This is one of the newer adventures offered by the Escape Game and features a lot of electronics and augmented-reality style elements.

The Heist

The curator of the local art museum has stolen a priceless piece of art, and you and your team have to get it back. According to one Escape Game employee, this is a very “Pink Panther” style adventure – sure to be fun for just about anyone.

Prison Break

Photo Credit: Jenn Bentley, Big Easy Magazine

This is the adventure I personally got a sneak peek of (the rest were full and running games during my visit). It’s the most difficult game offered at the New Orleans location because your team is split into two cells, making communication one of the challenges that you must overcome in order to escape together. You’ve been wrongfully imprisoned in a facility known for its merciless warden, and you only have an hour to escape before he returns. The first thing that strikes you when you enter this game is the attention to detail. Absolutely everything in the room is designed to look authentic – right down to the mildewy walls and grimy-seeming floor.

The Escape Game prides itself on giving every single guest an immersive, interesting, and fun experience. “Our team works hard to design and deliver immersive, interactive experiences that every single guest will love,” says Max Magura, marketing manager. “The set design, storylines, and gameplay aim to deliver entertainment as you always wished it would. Our adventures are so enchanting, you almost forget that there is a world outside of the room and task at hand. Think Star Wars, not sudoku. We think The Escape Game is a great addition to the French Quarter and are excited to give guests of all interests and ages an opportunity to go on an unforgettable adventure together.”

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