CBD in Professional Sports: How Safe Is It?

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Cannabidiol (CBD) is easily one of the best compounds found in marijuana. It is the most present compound in medical marijuana, which is currently being adored by countless worldwide. As the acceptance for marijuana grows deeper, is it finally time that more people embrace its use so as to urge governments to pass legalization?

Products derived from CBD are beloved by people from various walks of life. For instance, busy office workers use cannabinoid to help keep the stress away. Since it possesses the properties that relieve chronic pain, muscle pain, and inflammation, CBD products are also ideal for athletes and people living an active life.

What About Drug Tests?

Professional athletes might be a bit on the fence about using a cannabis-derived product but it should not be something to worry about. A person will only test positive if they have consumed copious amounts of the psychoactive compound, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). CBD products barely have any traces of THC and there is even less if the consumer is using hemp-derived oils (mere 0.3% THC).

However, that does not mean professional athletes should consume CBD without any restrictions. According to Herb, a CBD user will test positive if they consume 1,000 to 2,000mg of CBD a day before the testing period. That amount usually equates to a bottle or two of CBD extracts, which is not advisable to consume in one go anyway. Also, marijuana is known to have its side effects which make good arguments against legalization.

Are There Athletes That Use CBD?

Legalities aside, athletes are now able to easily introduce the benefits of cannabis into their lives by using CBD. One such athlete is Andrew Talansky, a U.S.-based triathlete. He is a paid endorser of a leading cannabis brand, Floyd’s of Leadville. Of all their products, Talansky is most fond of using CBD soft gels.

As a triathlete, Talansky trains cycling, running and swimming on a regular basis (among other things). It is a very demanding sport that pushes the human body to its limits. Chronic aches and pains are common for Talansky and for him, CBD provides the best relief. Aside from that, CBD also helps the athlete sleep and breeze through the stress that is caused by competitions. The compound basically allows him to perform at his fullest every time.

It is not just Talansky who is a big fan of CBD. Other athletes that use it include an NFL linebacker Derrick Morgan, former NFL offensive tackle Eugene Monroe, former NFL defensive end Marvin Washington, and UFC fighters Yair Rodriguez and Nate Diaz. Obviously, the one thing these athletes have in common is that they are involved in physically demanding sports.

With such a solid following behind it, is CBD really that effective in helping athletes cope with post-competition jitters and chronic pain?

GQ says that understanding the effectiveness of CBD for athletes is very complicated. Athletes are great supporters of the cause and claim that the compound is an effective supplement to their lifestyle. On the other hand, there are not enough studies that support the claim. Regardless, the potential of CBD and medical marijuana to upend the sports industry remains huge.

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