Big Easy Magazine Rolls Out New Inspirational Commercial in Preparation for Big Easy 2.0

Big Easy Magazine, the online home for progressive New Orleans, worked with So It Goes Productions to launch its first major commercial, “Who Speaks for New Orleans?”

Since launching early this week, the ad has garnered more than 7,000 page views on Big Easy Magazine’s Facebook alone.

In the aftermath of the Times-Picayune/Advocate/Gambit merger, New Orleanians are seeking an independent media voice that will tell the stories of those whose voices often go unheard.

A year after launching its digital news publication, Big Easy Magazine is connecting with folks across the city and the state and reporting on the issues that matter most to the people of New Orleans.

Currently, Big Easy Magazine is conducting a national fundraising campaign to raise money for relaunching the Magazine in year two. In year two of publishing, the digital news outlet plans to expand its coverage of arts, travel, culture, food, film and so on while maintaining its current progressive political coverage. The publication will also launch a quarterly print edition and also start a podcast, with plans to reach over 100,000 new listeners and readers over the course of the next year.

If you care about independent, progressive journalism, you can donate to Big Easy Magazine’s fundraiser on Go Fund Me here.

Below you can watch the commercial that has resonated among many social media viewers.

Who speaks for New Orleans?

Is it politicians?

Business leaders?


Who chooses which voices are amplified?

Which voices go ignored?

Imagine a city that speaks with ALL of its people. 

The voice of a tight-knit community– 

living across the lines of race, class, sex, and gender– 

working together with common purpose, to build a more inclusive, more progressive place to live. 

A voice that demands access to quality education, 

improved infrastructure, 

equal justice,
and a greener, more sustainable future.

Big Easy Magazine seeks to tell stories that 

highlight our community’s greatest strengths 

and deepest needs. 

To push our city forward. 

To raise the voices of those often silenced.

Unapologetically Progressive

Uniquely New Orleans

Scott Ploof is the Founder and Publisher of Big Easy Magazine. He has been published in various news outlets across the state. 

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