How CBD Can Help You Sleep

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No matter who they are or what they do, chances are anyone you talk to have struggled with sleep in their lifetime. Approximately a third of all adults in the United States report having struggled with sleep recently for a variety of reasons, whether it’s chronic pain, working an inconsistent schedule, or poor dietary habits.

However, there is one ingredient that could help to solve, or at least treat, almost all of those issues – CBD.

CBD is a cannabinoid that has been studied extensively over the last few years since it has slowly become legalized. It is derived from industrial hemp, a type of grass that is related to cannabis and was only fully legalized to grow in the United States through the 2018 Farm Bill. Also known as cannabidiol, it can be found in all kinds of products from pure oils to lotions to foods and drinks. It is expected to be a huge part of the natural wellness market for years to come, and there’s a good reason for that belief.

CBD has been found to have all sorts of helpful properties when it comes to helping you to sleep. It can help to reduce your blood pressure, reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, and reduce how much pain you are in. It can also trigger the production of melatonin.

By telling the human brain to begin producing melatonin, CBD helps you to feel tired and fall asleep easier than you would without it. It also helps you to stay asleep for longer periods of time without waking up . this leads to both a higher quantity and quality of sleep and makes the rest of your life significantly easier.

 Two of the most common reasons that people struggle to sleep are pain and anxiety. Because CBD helps to make your pain feel less intense, it won’t be as much of a problem when it comes to sleeping well. Because users will be sleeping better and it will help to calm their heart rate and blood pressure, it will also help them to deal with their mental health in a way that allows them to deal with the root causes instead of just the symptoms.

However, it can also have some negative health effects. CBD is something that people can be allergic to, especially if they have issues with allergies to other types of grasses. Anyone who struggles with liver function should also be wary of using CBD because it is metabolized in the liver. This can create additional strain on an already struggling organ and be more trouble than its worth.  CBD can also change the way that your body metabolizes medicines that treat seizures and sleep issues in ways that users do not want. Anyone wanting to try CBD should make sure to talk to their doctor first and start it when they have time and energy to deal with any adverse health effects without missing out on work or important events in their lives.

Ellie Porter is the managing editor at The Sleep Help Institute.

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