Gubernatorial Debate Shows One Clear Choice

July 8, 2019- Governor Edwards speaks with supporters at the opening of his New Orleans campaign office, at 1516 Thalia Street. Photo Courtesy John Bel For Louisiana

In last night’s gubernatorial debate we witnessed an articulate and fact-based Governor with a solid record. Also on stage were two Sisyphus’s struggling to push their boulders of Republican rhetoric up John Bel Edwards hill only to see their attempts fail and have to start all over again. 

There was a clear choice last night – a pro-life, pro-second amendment, pro-Louisiana Governor who had to keep swatting away annoying, rhetoric oozing flies swarming his solid four-year history as Governor. And he did it with the precision of a West Point cadet.

Most Republicans know that neither of their candidates would benefit the people of Louisiana but, oddly, are compelled to vote for one of them. Probably for the single fact that there’s an “R” next to their name. 

It’s blind loyalty like this that keeps Louisiana at the bottom of so many lists. This bottom-of-the-list residual effect is owned by Bobby Jindal. Our state sank on these lists starting 10 years ago – long before Edwards came in and began cleaning up the mess. 

History is not a strength for either Rispone or Abraham. Their endorsement of, and desire to continue the failed approach of so many Republican governors speaks volumes. Reciting talking points from the last Jindal campaign while ignoring the actual ramifications of these policies when enacted should leave a terrible taste in the mouths of Republican voters. But will it? Has Fox News done their job of politically brainwashing Republican Louisiana voters enough to wipe out the facts of Jindal’s time in office? 

Regardless, Edwards was the clear choice last night and I urge Rispone and Abraham to return to their comfortable lifestyles and allow a real Governor to govern.  Rispone and Abraham are both running Tartarus campaigns and they can stop their torment by doing what is right which is allowing Louisiana to breathe a sigh of relief with another four years under Governor Edwards.  

Jim Francis is a former Congressional Candidate, Communications Chair for St. Tammany DPEC, Executive Director of Bayou Rising

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