Embrace Hope, Continue to Push the Limits of the Human Race

Sometimes I ponder the possibilities of human greatness and imagine humanity with enlightened minds and selflessness, devoid of ego. A human race that lived by the Golden Rule and one in which you treat others the way you want to be treated. A race that transcends the boundaries of physical skin color and aspires to peoples’ greatest strengths while encouraging improving their weaknesses.

Over the last 250 years we’ve ascended in greatness because we have challenged the status quo and the limitations of our consciousness. We are a nation that has overcome slavery, a Great Depression, two world wars and three subsequent major wars. We defeated the Nazis in World War II, we put a man on the moon, and we survived the Cold War even at the height of the greatest nuclear threat to our existence.

Sure we have setbacks, but in our setbacks, we usually rebound and become more inspired and hopeful for the future. We translate hope into work and continue to push the human race forward. The adversity we face challenges us to overcome our own self-induced obstacles, and when we succeed, we are emboldened to further challenge the status quo and effect massive change.

America’s greatest days are ahead of her. Without hope, we have no incentive to make the world a better place. The next stage in our progress is working to shed human greed and dilute egos so we can create a more loving, compassionate, selfless, and caring society. We will continue to learn. We will continue to grow spiritually and mentally. We will continue to overcome adversity. This belief is our only hope for the future, and I’d rather embrace hope then concede defeat and failure.

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