3 Affordable Identification Items for Event Organizers

Event organizing staples like good-quality t-shirts and uniforms don’t always come cheap, even when ordered at quantity. Sometimes, for one reason or another, these items just aren’t worth the expense or don’t make sense in context.

Nevertheless, events still usually call for a method of identifying organizers and participants. Good thing there are a few low-cost products that can be used to keep your events together. We included some of these items below.


If you’re organizing a convention, IDs are pretty much par for course, as are lanyards. But lanyards can do so much more than hold up IDs and keys. They can help identify someone as being part of a group even before you get close to them. Given their low cost, investing in them is an excellent option.

One great thing about lanyards is their customizability. You can add key rings, tabs, and all kinds of useful attachments to them, which increases their utility. Security staff, for instance, can attach keys, access cards, and whistles onto them. A lot of people even attach their smartphones to them, simply because they find lanyards to be quite practical for this purpose.

The best thing perhaps is even premium woven lanyards with custom colors and attachments don’t cost that much and they can potentially last for years, allowing them to be used for more than just one event.

Silicone rubber bracelets

Inexpensive and extremely durable, silicone rubber bracelets are a great choice for almost any occasion. They’re easy to put on and take off, suited for people of all types and ages, and are cost low enough that extremely large quantities can be ordered for not a lot of money.

Because they’re waterproof and virtually indestructible under normal conditions, silicone wristbands are often used by event organizers for outdoor festivals, aquatic activities, and sporting events. Color-coded wristbands can be used to divide groups into teams, as well as signal food allergies and other medical conditions to staff.

One popular use for silicone wristbands is for use as venue access and as drink and food stubs. Because they’re durable, low-cost, and dead simple to clean, they can be reused almost indefinitely, if needed. Of course, they’re also excellent as mementos and souvenirs as well.

Lapel pins

One problem with both silicone bracelets and lanyards is that they can sometimes be a bit too casual. A lot of people simply don’t like the way they look with dressed-up attire, even if most people do think they look just fine. Enamel pins, on the other hand, have a timeless appeal that goes with every type of outfit.

Classic enamel lapel pins are a subtle yet attractive way of identifying different people at an event. One nice thing about these pins is that they are an excellent match with formal attire. Small enamel pins can go nicely with a suit or even a tux or an evening dress. This allows them to distinguish between different individuals without cramping anyone’s style.

You can even attach them to hats, bags, or even lanyards. This makes them a great way to show off a brand, idea, or fandom long after the event is done. You can even stick them to a lanyard so they don’t get lost.

There’s no shortage of low-cost, high-value products that will help you keep your event organized and free of gatecrashers. Be sure to get in touch with Wristband Creation for a selection of customizable rubber bracelets, lanyards, pins, and other items to keep your events organized.

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