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“When you’re fully invested in something disappointment hurts more… which is why lot of people don’t fully invest. However you won’t feel same joy when success does come! WhoDatNation stay fully invested! The payoff will come again and the feeling will be that much more amazing!”

-Scott Shanle

… the thing is, we KNOW this team was special. Change, ever the constant, is uncomfortable and unpredictable. The speculation on roster turnover will be off the charts. For now, I’m struggling to get past last Sunday.

“This too shall soon pass.”

The good news is that the Saints, as a franchise and fan base family, are more resilient than 2” thick ballistic nylon. We are in it for 24/ 7/ 365. The NFL season is simply when we get the opportunity to shout how we feel at full volume. The rest of the year we simply walking tall and talking shit…. ‘cause that’s how we do.

There WILL be significant turnover with players AND coaches. It is a fluid thing and I could care LESS about the salary cap. Leave the money manipulation to the marvelous, masterful, money magician, Vice President of Football Administration, Khai Harley. He is responsible for strategy on signings, and contract mathematics. He is also very good at what he does.

QB? Keep All Three.
Why all three?

Brees needs help. A 41 year old QB WILL be a half-step slower than he was at 31… and his reflexes will NOT fire as fast. Drew relies on being accurate but he must have lanes to see his targets. He cannot get caught in traffic as age makes one more brittle.

I like McCoy as the anchor at center but our guards must be rock solid to prevent inside pressure. We need another guard who is lightning quick off the snap and who blocks out the sun. We missed Cameron Tom. Look for a veteran FA signing here.

Brees would also benefit from a younger version of Lance Moore with RAC off the charts. Draft pick or UDFA.

It is a team sport. The quarterback provides leadership and steady control of the offense, with a MINIMUM of turnovers. In that regard, Bridgewater was outstanding. Did you notice how Theo got more comfortable, and productive, with each game? By game three, Bridgewater’s timing was better, his footwork more assured and his ball fakes more precise. His improvement, with reps under game conditions, was apparent to anyone who watches the game with care.

When you consider the context of Bridgewater’s 5-0 run, and the history of the league, one would need to set The Wayback Machine for 1968 to watch a backup QB replacing a starter DURING the season… and winning 5 consecutive games. Earl Morrall led Baltimore all the way to Miami.

Taysom (please spell the man’s name correctly) Hill is THE best insurance policy any team could have at SIX positions. Or is it seven? I lost count. There is no position on the field that Hill cannot play. Dude runs a 4.4 with the intent of a Mack Truck. He can run it, kick it, tackle it, block it, and spin it. He is also 30 years old, so his long-term snap count is ticking louder. The debate over how he is deployed in 2020 will make the presidential debates look like a drive by.

Keep all three. Here endeth the lesson.

“Be thankful for what you got” (William DeVaughn) ‘cause we STILL got it good.

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