An Unfair Advantage for Some Campaigns?

It is not illegal or unethical, but having a My People Vote app subscription is definitely an unfair advantage for political campaigns, when their opponents do not have it.

The advantage for campaigns is that the My People Vote app is easy to use. My People Vote developer, Tony Licciardi, said “It gets the wonky “hocus pocus” out of the way and let’s volunteers easily identify favorable voters for the campaign and then tracks those individual voters through Election Day GOTV.”

My People Vote is non-partisan and does not share campaign data with the political parties. This was an important point  for State Senators Dr. Joe Bouie of New Orleans and Cleo Fields of Baton Rouge. Their concerns with using a program offered by their party was that their campaign data would be seen by their inner-party opponents and that their party’s program tools are not user friendly and frustrating for their volunteers.

Livingston Parish councilman Randy Delatte said that his opponent accused him of having an unfair advantage with the My People Vote app. Delatte paid a premium for an exclusive My People Vote subscription, blocking any other candidates in his race from having access to it.

The My People Vote app has been used by nearly 100 campaigns in Louisiana since the fall of 2018, from small city council races to state senate, sheriffs, parish president, and judicial races.

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