Most Affordable Rideshare Options

Most Affordable Rideshare Options

Using a rideshare app to get around offers many benefits. It’s convenient, and it also keeps you from having to drive in an unfamiliar or unsafe environment. At the end of a night on the town, a rideshare service can get you home safely and prevent a DUI charge and all the consequences that come with it. With this mode of transportation growing in popularity, more and more companies have joined the rideshare game, giving you more choices than ever.

When it comes to choosing a ride, price is a big deal. Whether you’re looking for a lift from Louis Armstrong International Airport or just trying to get safely around the French Quarter, your ride shouldn’t take up most of your budget. Here are some of the most affordable rideshare options that let you spend your money on the more entertaining parts of life.


Uber is the classic rideshare service, and it comes with multiple options to fit your needs and price range. Among the most affordable rideshare options are the carpool alternatives some apps offer. If you don’t mind sharing space with other users, UberPOOL lets you ride with other passengers, splitting the fare and saving you money. You can also choose the classic UberX service—the option that started it all—to get around the city.


Operating very similarly to Uber, Lyft is the second most common rideshare app in the United States. Lyft also has a carpooling option called Lyft Line that lets you ride with other users and split the cost. Because both Uber and Lyft have added richer options over the years, their classic services remain an affordable price for users.


Beneath the rideshare giants are a few underdog services. One that’s available in New Orleans is Curb. Backed by Verifone, Curb hires professional drivers in metered taxis. You can also book a ride ahead of time, meaning your driver will be waiting for you whenever you need them.

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