Tips for Hosting an Outdoor Spring Dinner Party

Tips for Hosting an Outdoor Spring Dinner Party
Now that the temperatures are finally starting to climb back up and the sun is shining for longer, it’s an ideal time to savor the fresh air. In New Orleans, we’re lucky to get some lovely springtime weather, making it the perfect opportunity to get outside and enjoy nature. With that in mind, what better way to do so than to bring friends and food into the mix? Here are some tips for hosting an outdoor spring dinner party at your home.

Decorate with Playful Colors

Create a springtime feel by using decorations in hues that fit the season. Think colors such as pastel pink, blue, yellow, violet, and celadon green. Deeper shades of blue, coral, red, and green can serve as accents to invigorate the setup as well. To prevent things from becoming too overwhelming, set these decorations to a background of white or light beige. As for where to have the different colors, smaller items such as plates and napkins can be brighter, while large ones like banquet tablecloths should be left mostly neutral. If you are having trouble coming up with ideas for what kinds of decorations to use, you can use these outdoor event decorating principles to help you.

If you are planning to have it all organized by yourself take into consideration adding up some inflatables as decoration to your party as an alternative to balloons that are not as durable and are very fragile. Custom-made inflatables come in different shapes, sizes, forms, and colors, so you can think outside the box when coming up with an extraordinary idea. However, before generating special ideas for the decoration have a theme picked to ease your job and have something to focus on.

Make Light Food

Now that you’re no longer freezing every time you step outside, you are free to serve some tasty and light snacks and appetizers for the dinner. Finger foods including bread, crackers, cheese, and hummus are great to start off the dinner. Freshly tossed salads and appealing fruits are another smart idea, as they will not only contribute to the airy, lighthearted atmosphere, but they will also act as additional decorations to your arrangement with their color. As the meal moves more towards the main menu, keep it simple with grilled vegetables and your choice of protein. Finish off with vibrant drinks mixed with juice, carbonation, and maybe some alcohol.

Bring Out Indoor Furniture

Just because you and your guests will be outside does not mean that you must settle for uncomfortable stools or simply standing. Bring some of your indoor furniture outside into the yard and place seating around central tables to bring people together. For outdoor events like these, farmhouse tables are great because they’re spacious and durable. This will also make your dinner party look even more thought-out and intentionally eclectic.

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