10 Most Typical College Freshman Mistakes

When you get to college, everything seems new and exciting. It may even seem like your life has never been better. However, as a freshman, you need to be aware of all the dangers that are lurking around you. Of course, we are not talking anything too severe or harmful here. However, there are mistakes that most freshmen students make, and those mistakes often result in poor grades and some other pretty nasty things too. That is why, today, we are going to discuss ten most common mistakes you should not make in college during your first year and the following years too.

Rejecting Help

The load of written tasks that you are going to be assigned in college is undoubtedly overwhelming. So many students tend to get buried under all those countless essays that they get entirely lost and exhausted. However, there is always a way out, and these days, custom writing services are a real blessing for all those at college. If you wonder what is the professional essay writing service that we would totally recommend – that would be CustomWritings.com.

Missing Classes

We know that there may be a million reasons why you think that you can skip this or that class, and we feel you. However, you need to realize that in the vast majority of cases, all the most essential information on the subject is presented in the classroom. Besides, very often, the number of times that you attended the class is taken into consideration when grading starts.

Improper Approach to Studying

This one may seem a little confusing since you may think that as long as you do study, it is always effective. However, that is not true. The fact is that it is not enough to read and memorize in college, you need to develop your critical thinking too. That is why it is best to take notes of any information that seems relevant. Talking to your teachers when you do not get some material will help too.

Not Planning

In college, it is all about time management. You need to remember that once and for all. If you do not learn to plan your study and spare time, the chances of your failure will definitely increase, and that is the last thing that you want. These days there are dozens of useful planners available online so that you can make use of your devices and use that smartphone of yours not only for entertainment purposes only.

Underestimating the Faculty Connections

Those instructor office hours exist for a reason, and successful students make the most of them. You can not only find help in times of need in the office, but you can also get acquainted with your teachers and show them that you are really interested in the course or courses that you are taking.

Getting Distracted Too Often

One of the main distractions in modern students’ lives is their phones. Whether you like it or not, but the more time you are spending on your phone, the higher are the chances of failing a particular subject or getting poor grades. You need to learn to use your phone only when needed most. You can even add an hour or two that you can devote to your social media life a day, but, once again, planning is the key.

Missing the Budget Issue Out

When you are in college, you are on your own. You can’t expect your parents to lend you money any time you ask for it. You are bound to learn to manage your finances so that they are enough for all that you may need within a month-notice.


There is no need to show off with your means during your first year. However, many freshmen fall into the trap of living beyond their means. We know that apart from studying, you need some time to relax and have fun with your friends. Nevertheless, you need to realize that there is no need to dine out every day three times a day. You can save a lot if you cook on your own or stick to the college meal plan.

Credit Card Debts

It feels so great to be able to pay for anything that you like with the help of your credit card, doesn’t it? However, has it entered your mind that you are going to need to return all the spent money with a high interest added to the sum? There you go!

Emergency Fund

It is true that there are not that many senior students who have an emergency fund too. However, you may never know what is going to happen to you tomorrow, and having some money saved for later is always a great idea. After all, you can spend it later on, on something great as a treat to yourself by the end of the college year.




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