A Democratic Hoax Gone Viral

Donald Trump.  These two simple words evoke quite a number of strong reactions from most Americans.  Some react with passionate disgust for the man while others react with blind worship and praise of their false idol.  No matter one’s feelings on Mr. Trump, one thing is certain: The man is a huuuuge disease expert.  Bigly.

Just days ago Mr. Trump suggested that the Corona Virus was a Democratic hoax.  Most of our political leaders would not have seen this truth through the fake news media’s haze of pesky “facts” and “reality.”  Mr. Trump however, with his immense genius and almost super human perception, was able to see the truth.  Many of you may have read that Mr. Trump recently got tested for the Corona Virus.  This too is a Democratic hoax.  Why would the President in all his inFINITE wisDUMB get tested for something he was only days before proclaiming was a hoax by his political opponents!? To those of us who are paying attention, this obviously must be yet another hoax by the Democrats and liberal controlled fake news media to make Donald Trump look like a bombastic, hypocritical moron.  And one thing is for certain, Americans would never elect a bombastic, hypocritical moron as our President.  We certainly didn’t do exactly that in 2004, 2000, 1996, 1992, 1988, 1984 and 1980!

Donald Trump is the real victim in all of this.  No man of character and honesty such as Mr. Trump would ignore thousands of global deaths and put millions of American lives at risk by suggesting that a real disease is a hoax by his political opponents.  No man of character and honesty such as our distinguished leader would put his own ego and lack of basic understanding of science ahead of the welfare of the tens of millions of people who put him into office in the first place!  This must be a hoax!  We as real patriots must be outraged by this clear attempt at character assassination!  Clearly, the only reasonable explanation is that George Soros has hired thousands of crisis actors around the country to pretend to be sick in an effort to make President Trump look bad!  This is much more feasible than the possibility that we simply have a dangerously deranged child at the helm of the United States government!

We can add this evil democratic hoax to the list of terribly false smear campaigns that have been levied against Donald Trump:

That he has not been loyal to his wife!

That he has ever said anything disrespectful about women!

That he has engaged in racist speech and behavior!

That he has ever lost money!

That he did not run the most successful university in American history!

We have sunk so far as a country in what we are willing to believe all because of the liberal media reporting without first consulting the White House on what is true.  What’s next?!  If we continue down this path of depravity they’ll be telling us things like:

The Earth is flat!

Germs are real!

The moon is not made of cheese!

Smoking is bad for you!

You should drink water every day!

And they’ll expect us to believe these things without even checking to see if Donald Trump says they are true!  Stay alert fellow patriots!  The war on alternative facts is real!  

When asked about his feelings on the Corona Virus shortly after his “alleged” test for this “alleged” virus, Donald Trump was quoted as saying, “CNN?  You’re fake News!  I like Fox.  They treat me much better.”  Now does this sound like the words of a man who would ever lie about something serious like a national pandemic for the sake of his own ego?  I didn’t think so.  I swear by the folds of Mitch McConnell’s neck that Donald Trump always tells the truth.  He is the most honest and trustworthy president we have had since Ronald Regan.  If I am wrong, and Donald Trump is actually the narcissistic, dangerously irresponsible, sociopathic child that the left (with their “facts”) paints him as, may I be struck down by a bolt of lightning!  

*The writer of this piece was hospitalized after being struck by lightning near Audubon Park hours after this piece was published.  Experts are baffled as it was an otherwise sunny day. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you.

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