The Best Ways To Enjoy New Orleans From The Water

The Big Easy has something for every kind of visitor to enjoy. If you are a land lover there is plenty of history to explore and world-renowned festivals to participate in. But, if you are drawn to the water there are even more adventures that await you when you travel to New Orleans.

Nestled between the iconic Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico, anyone who loves getting out on the water will have dozens of activities to choose from in New Orleans. Water is a huge part of Cajun culture and the area boasts many ways to enjoy the river or the gulf.

If you are looking for an adrenaline-fueled adventure you may want to rent a boat and hit the river for some wakeboarding. Be sure to be licensed before driving any boats which you can get from aceboaters. Or, if you are interested in a more laid-back tour, you can enjoy a cruise on a traditional paddle boat along the shores of New Orleans. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular ways to enjoy the water on your next visit to New Orleans.

Swamp Tour

You can discover the mystical beauty of the Louisiana bayou from the perspective of the water when you go on a swamp tour. Outdoor Play kayaks and canoes are available to rent from several vendors. Enjoy a day on the water with a guided tour that will educate you about the history of the area and the creatures of this spectacular natural wilderness.


If you love to wakeboard there are no better waters than the Mississippi to try out some of your newest tricks. Make sure to use quality boating equipment like those from Stryker T-Tops. There are also boat and equipment rentals available from several vendors along the shores so that you and your party can enjoy the waves without having to worry about bringing the right gear from home.

Paddlewheel River Cruise

Step back in time and cruise down the Mississippi the same way that people did a century ago. There are several paddle boats that have been restored into their former glory and provide the perfect way to see the city from the water. Take a short day cruise or stay for dinner and entertainment on a longer river cruise.

Deep-Sea Fishing

The Gulf of Mexico has long been a bucket list destination for anglers and fishermen. Hire a boat to take you out into the pristine waters of the gulf and enjoy the day going after that trophy catch. There are all sizes and lengths of cruises available for your needs.

Sailing Tour

There is nothing more serene than cruising through the waters of the Gulf on a fabulous sailboat or catamaran. A variety of tours can take you along the shores and bays of the area and teach you about the history of the area and the surrounding waters. Choose a from a quick afternoon tour or settle in for a few days of living in luxury on the water with a weekend cruise.

Seeing New Orleans from the water is a unique way to discover the history and charm of the area. From enjoying the swift and muddy waters of the Mississippi to getting out on the big waters of the Gulf of Mexico there are countless ways to enjoy New Orleans from the water.

The article is published on behalf of Stryker T-Tops. 

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