The Best State Parks in the South

The Best State Parks in the South

The Southern United States is well-regarded for its style, elegance, and charm. The region’s bustling cities and captivating cultures clearly display these elements—and so does the natural beauty of the Southern states. The South is home to some truly awe-inspiring nature reserves, which encompass a variety of ecosystems. Below are some of the best state parks in the South to help you reconnect with nature.

Poinsett State Park – Wedgefield, SC

South Carolina is well-known for its colorful coastal towns and beautiful beaches, but its forested areas are equally as stunning. Poinsett State Park is slightly lesser known, it’s one of the best state parks in the South. Located in the High Hills of Santee, this state park boasts a mixed ecosystem teeming with wonderful wildlife and stunning views. A multitude of trails stretch throughout the park in varying degrees of difficulty and length, so no matter your skill level, you’ll be able to have some fun. The park even allows visitors to camp on the grounds. South Carolina can get quite wet during the spring, and campsites will likely be a bit muddy, so be sure to service your car and outfit it with reliable tires before you attempt to tow a trailer onto the grounds.

Fontainebleau State Park – Mandeville, LA

If you’re looking for a quick getaway from the hustle and bustle of New Orleans, take a trip to Fontainebleau State Park. Located on the north side of Lake Pontchartrain, Fontainebleau State Park provides the perfect temporary reprieve from city living. The park spans 2,800 acres and touts a trail that stretches the length of the park through lush forests, majestic marshes, and even a serene beach that’s perfect for sunbathing. Several interpretive signs populate the trail to help visitors identify the many different types of flora and fauna they may encounter on their walk. The old railroad tracks that run through the park have even been converted into a trail for cyclers, hikers, and in-line skaters.

Cloudland Canyon State Park – Rising Fawn, GA

If stunning vistas and wonderful waterfalls are more your style, consider embarking on a trip to Cloudland Canyon State Park. This park stays true to its name and allows you to journey high above the clouds or trek deep into a canyon. Cloudland Canyon State Park is one of the best parks for adventurers, as it supports a wide variety of outdoor activities. From geocaching to fishing to horseback riding, this park has something for everyone. The park even boasts a disc golf course and caving excursions for more experienced explorers. The park boasts so many idyllic locations that it has also become the perfect spot for rustic weddings.

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