Covid-19 Parable Rewrite of Two Boats and a Helicopter

Credit: Official movie trailer, YouTube

A man and his family were quarantined in their house during a pandemic. That night the father prayed to God for help to keep him and his family healthy.

So that next day, God had the Governor give a speech with health officials, and even a football coach, telling the man how to wash his hands, to only go out when necessary for supplies, to not have large gatherings, and other safety precautions. The Governor said these things will help keep you healthy, your family healthy and our state healthy and safe.

The fellow shouted at the TV, “God is going to protect me and my family!” That night, the man prayed again.

The next day, the Mayor shut down the city. She gave a press conference, and had other experts give similar advice as the Governor and other medical professionals had given. All that day, local and national news professionals gave similar helpful advice and precautions in eluding the virus and why safe distancing was important. That night, once again the man prayed.

The next morning, the man watched news reports with scientist and doctors giving the same advice. It was the weekend now.

To all this, the man said, “I’m praying to God and he is going to save me and my family. I have faith.”

Well the weekend came and the man and his family went to church on Sunday, and even out to out to eat afterward. While on their way to church, another public update came on the radio as breaking news. Health officials and even the radio talk personality were telling people to stay home. At church, the preacher preached how God’s strength would keep them all safe, if they trusted in the Lord. He passed the plate around, collected the money; the Family left the Church, feeling good. That evening, the man ignored social media posts, and even posted on social media himself how “this is just like the flu, and God would care for us!”

A couple of days passed, and the man began feeling ill. He was diagnosed with Covid-19 and died. He went to Heaven. He finally got his chance to discuss this whole situation with God. The man exclaimed, “I had faith in You, but You didn’t save me! You let me die! I just don’t understand why!”

To the man, God replied, “I sent you a Governor, a Mayor, Doctors, Nurses, Health officials, radio and television personalities, even friends on Facebook. What more did you expect, did you want? The man then asked, “Who are these people behind me?”

God replied those are the other people who died because you disregarded the advice I sent you.

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