COVID-19 Statistics Explained in an Infographic

The coronavirus pandemic has reached its epitome and it has now increased a sense of fear amongst the people. Not only the elderly, but the youth is getting much more attracted because of this deadly virus. As of now, biochemical labs are still trying to find out a way to fight with the virus But, a possible solution seems to be at a distance away from us.

People from all over the world are in distinct fear and the numbers of cases are increasing vividly. As of now, the global cases of the coronavirus records upto 1284780 and the total deaths have crossed over 70320. To know more about the statistics and the data, here is an infographic presented by TechiePassion that you can follow.

COVID-19 Outbreak

For the records till April 5, the total number of cases hit by the Pandemic is seemingly increasing. It is 1284780 calculating affected cases in all 160 countries all over the world. The USA has been the most affected with more than 336851 cases followed by Italy and Spain. The originating source, China is now the 6th most-affected country with a total of 81708 cases.

Death Cases

The death rate of some European countries was a shock for the entire world. Till now, more than 70320 people have died and the numbers are still rising. Italy and Spain have been the most affected country in terms of deaths. The numbers are around 15887 and 13055 respectively. Just a week ago, Italy and Spain suffered at least 950-1000 people dying daily on their land.

Newly infected vs newly recovered

Ever since the coronavirus broke out, the infection rate has steeped higher than the recovery. This will continue until the biochemical labs find out a possible solution. Now, the infection rate has increased to at least 10000 cases in a day. However, recoveries are just around 800 to 1000 patients all over the world. We hope that this graph changes soon but it still seems that we are far behind from a possible solution.

Outcome of Cases

The outcome of cases depends on the recovery and the death rate. Initially, there was a big gap in the recovery procedure and as a result of this; it was always difficult for the patients to recover. However, the rate of recovery today has certainly increased a bit. It has now become a better rate of recovery around 21% while the death rate is around 4-5% compromising the stats all over the world.

Infection Trajectories

The number of people who have been dead is more than 7032 from all over the 160 countries. Initially, WHO declared that the coronavirus was prone to spread faster in lower temperatures, but it never seemed to be true. The virus can spread irrespective of the temperature and it can be worldwide. However, the virus has indeed infected the most in major European countries.

Incubation Period

Out of all the pandemic situations, it was the most critical in some viruses. The incubation period means the rate of time available after a person is in contact with the virus. So the symptoms will start to show up. So it is important to be in a state of self-isolation to stop spreading the deadly virus from one person to another.

Flattening the Curve

Once the virus has infected your body, there may not be many ways by which you can get rid of it. So, it is important to keep the precautions in mind. WHO has repeatedly asked the people to keep on the protective measures that will reduce the spread! Since the first case, most of the people came in contact with each other without any protective measures. So this always highly risked the chances of a global pandemic. You can always rely on a protective measure like proper hand washing (or use hand sanitizer when water and soap isn’t available), getting your face and mouth covered to reduce the outbreak.

Age Groups

Another factor for the people who are affected by the coronavirus is not only because of the climatic conditions but by the age as well. It is very clear that the infants and elderly people are more vulnerable to the virus and can affect themselves. As a result, the infection rate for people above 80 is nearly 15% while it is around 8% for the age group of 60-80. From the age group of 20-41, the infection rate is around 2.3%.


As time passes by, the Government from all over the world has been strict on the Lockdown and maintaining Social distance. Since no medical pill can save you from the virus, you must keep yourself in self-isolation. It is the only possible way by which you can stay out of reach from the deadly virus. Following strict orders and being cautious about the surrounding will be the only possible way by which you can stay out of these statistics.


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