5 Pro Tips to Be A Good Essay Writer In 2020

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To be a good student, you need to be a good essay writer. Being a good essay writer takes knowledge, the will to learn and practice to improve. Nothing worth learning ever happens in a rush, but there are some basic guidelines that students can learn to set them on the right track.
These tips require careful reading and understanding of the instructions, proper planning, lots of reading and critical thinking, structuring your work and the appropriate academic tone.

Thorough reading and understanding of the instructions

Always read the essay writing instructions carefully. If you rush through these instructions, you are likely to miss important information or simply misunderstand the requirements of the essay. Either way, you are unlikely to deliver the good essay that you wish to.

In that case, you can also approach EduBirdie, which is a leading essay writing service. The expert writers there can do your writing work on short notice and at affordable prices.

If you still decide to write on your own and want to deliver the best essay possible, take your time with reading through the instructions. This is not a race to read through these as quickly as possible. The goal here is to clearly understand and implement all the requirements of the essay to get the mark you want.
Properly plan your essay before you start writing.

A good essay will require appropriate planning if it is to achieve the desired outcome. As a first step, you can use Topics Mill for informative essay topics. After reading and understand the instructions, you need to develop a broad outline to cover the instructions.

Your introduction should contain a juicy hook to grab the audience’s attention. You obviously need to decide on appropriate headings. Develop subheadings following the introduction and a conclusion.

The headings and subheadings should tell the reader what the essay is all about. Beginning and end sentences in each paragraph should follow logical introductions for the next paragraph and conclusions of the completed paragraph to fill in content details. Your conclusion should summarize the entire essay without adding new information.

Reading and critical thinking

Extensive reading is required when writing an excellent academic essay. The more widely you read as a student, the more knowledgeable you will become.
Reading widely is an excellent source of education in terms of content, but also in terms of essay writing styles. Some articles will contain simply English, while others will contain more sophisticated language usage.

When developing your essay, bear this language usage in mind. Also, be aware that content and critical thinking will outweigh language usage in relation to marks awarded. Always remember too proofread your work for errors, though, and to enhance critical arguments in your work.
When dealing with student problems, lecturers will clearly advocate this tip along with many others to become a good essay writer.

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Structuring your work

Always follow the basic structure of the heading, introduction, subheadings and conclusion. When developing the structure of your essay, ensure that you jot down notes of arguments, counterarguments under your subheadings.

Refer to the instructions for correct formatting requirements related to the academic style, margins, paragraphs, fonts and so on.

Double-check your critical thinking in the arguments presented. Also, ensure that sentence flow is logical and doesn’t jump from one topic, sentence or paragraph to the next without completing an idea. This is why it is important to read broadly so that you improve your critical thinking skills, which are the best way to impress your audience.

Appropriate academic tone

Understand who your audience is. This element should be in the instructions. If not, use a formal academic tone. Always make sure that the tone of your writing is appropriate to the audience for whom your work is intended.

Writing a good essay will never be achieved if the tone is casual and written with student peers in mind if the instructions state that the audience are university professors.

This is a leading example of essay failure and one that can be easily avoided by reading the instructions properly. If there is any doubt, it is valuable to check queries with the lecturer for clarity.


These are the most prominent tips for delivering the outstanding essays. Allow time and space in the right environment to follow these guidelines closely. Reading and understanding the instructions is the most important, followed by considered planning.
Broad reading and development of critical thinking, following structuring requirements and getting your tone right are other vital elements. Add good content to your essay and you are sure to come up with a winner. If you still need assistance, you can pay for homework answers or essay service to assist you in your writing assignment.

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