How to Market Your Music During Coronavirus Lockdown

Music is a significant aspect in everyone’s life. It provides relaxation and entertainment especially in times of distress. Now that there is worldwide lockdown due to the coronavirus, musicians are also affected. If you have been making music, you would realize that this situation provides both challenges and opportunities. You can take advantage of this lockdown period to market your music.

Music Marketing and Lockdown

Some people are thinking of taking music lessons after the lockdown. Some people are listening to music and some are making one. If you are into music and you are in the mood to introduce it, this lockdown is a great chance for you. Marketing during the lockdown can be done with the use of the Internet, your computer and some influence. The pandemic changed people’s everyday life. Most of us are in front of the computer. A lot of people are watching and looking for something to listen to. This is your chance to provide good music and earn money.

Here are the different ways on how you can market your music during this coronavirus lockdown:

Join Online Networking Groups

The best thing about the online world is the variety of choices it can give you. If you want to market your music, start by joining online marketing groups. There are a lot of international and even local online groups for musicians and music lovers. You can start choosing a group where your music can fit. Check the number of people who can become your audience. Aside from that, check if the preference of the group is something that is aligned with your style. Online networking groups for music will help you reach more people.

Promote Your Music and Sell it on Your Website

If you already have a website, you would know that this is one great way to promote your music. Always make sure that you have new updates to hook a good number of people to visit the site. By promoting and selling your music using a website, you will be able to reach different people. But first, make sure that you are receiving enough traffic. You can consider different ways on how you can strengthen your website. You can post a blog as a starter and do not forget to create landing pages. This way, you will be able to share information and sell.

  • Promote with Email
    When people start signing up for your email list, make use of this opportunity to promote. This feature can be integrated into your website. This is one way on how you can communicate your songs and other updates to your fans. There are two different things that your email should contain. Firstly, you need to have new content. Send an invitation to listen to your song and visit your website whenever you have a new song. Aside from that, you can also promote your blog.
  • Start a Podcast
    Starting a podcast is one of the trends for musicians now. With the help of WordPress and Squarespace, podcasting can be done easily. There are different content types that you can create using this. You can explore all the different ideas to introduce the music that you have created. You can consider acoustic performance, you can also include simultaneous conversations or interviews and you can also consider providing behind-the-scene contents for your fans.
  • Send Your Music to Blogs, Playlists and Press Outlets
    This option may require you to explore more but it is certainly worth it. If you believe that there are still other ways to introduce your music in a bigger platform, you can ask the help of authorities in this field. You can send your music to press outlets, blogs, and playlists. But first, you need to do your research.

    • Look for the right people that can help you with your music promotion. For the press outlets, you should determine the people who promote the type of music you play. For blogs and playlists, consider if the style in their content is aligned with yours. After getting leads, you can now start sending proposals to them.


For starters, music promotion may not be easy. But the great thing for this generation is that there are different ways on how to do it. With the help of the Internet and online platforms, you can always promote even in the middle of the pandemic. Take advantage of this time where people are very active in different social media platforms. You can create some contents in your own social media account that will lead people to your website.

People always want to listen to music. Whatever they are doing, music can be a great background. By understanding what people want, it would be easier for you to get their attention. When people listen to new music, they also judge it according to their taste. Understanding the importance of knowing your audience can help you a lot in promoting. There are virtual groups created by people with the same interest. Look for this group that is interested in the music style you present and you will certainly have a great chance to market there.

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