Tony Spell Supporters Flood Central Police Phone Lines, Endangering Citizens

Photo via Tony Spell YouTube

Baton Rouge residents trying to reach the Central Police Department have apparently had a difficult time lately. According to a statement released by Chief Roger Corcoran, the department’s phone lines have been flooded after Magi Spell, Pastor Tony Spell’s mother posted the department’s phone number to a Facebook page and encouraged her followers to call in.

Unfortunately, the number Spell posted is the same number the department uses for emergency calls, putting citizens facing a life-changing emergency at risk.

“This phone number is the line we receive all of our calls on including our emergency calls from citizens needing our assistance or help due to a life changing emergency,” Corcoran wrote. “If you cannot reach us due to our lines being tied up please keep trying. If you have an emergency please call 911. Again we are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.”[0]=68.ARAQXzIOMO8a8fxSjS40tE1gKfAU5MYcQEGxLyqrRmlJoHhtrt-hcNsxGFmUfs5TEy4UTtOfcUD2RbKFcXoVSOMxpI7OF3egVgVWtuTCqcMXFZKmIR1o3pY2DnYa-Wf5zIHt470_VYnWK9gVm9Wlc0PskB_kqM3xgZ8opSIi94bKDV7KIKdtwAfTvGRj8F0owBPe0lMMuDfIa5g-sbrc65sUFjVyX0R1-mCqcrWqpMa3-H8gG_MK5Hyd_gajSY8x7D9E1J7rsZG0_FnPRf4GO5EVQy4glytnghVLlbCyqOGOItW0ITy3LiRZZYg0SQ6PNQMQ6zQPpBqhZQU8NH4&__tn__=-R

Spell was originally arrested after a video was released showing him appearing to attempt to run over a protestor with a bus outside the Life Tabernacle Church in Baton Rouge. He has also been accused of repeatedly violating Gov. John Bel Edwards’ stay-home order limiting large gatherings, including church services. Spell had been released on house arrest but was re-arrested this weekend after he violated his house arrest and again held services at the church.

He is currently out on bond.

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