The Advantage is Not Fair: Elite Campaigns in the Era of Social Distancing

“Campaigns using cutting edge technology are
leaving their luddite competitors in the dust.”
Dr. Tony Licciardi
University of New Orleans Political Scientist

NEW ORLEANS, LA – May 3, 2020

Many Louisiana campaigns are at a complete standstill in the COVID19 era of social distancing. There are no festivals or events to attend for candidates and their volunteers to press-the-flesh. Door-to-door canvassing is either not allowed or not welcome. But not all campaigns have come to a halt.

Dr. Tony Licciardi, a University of New Orleans political scientist and pollster, notes a difference between political campaigns who are embracing technology versus those who shun it. “Campaigns using cutting edge technology are leaving their luddite competitors in the dust.” said Licciardi. He also cautions that not all campaign technologies are equal and that using the political parties’ programs exposes a campaign’s data to people outside of the campaign. “The parties are aggregating individual campaign data so that it can be used in other campaigns down the road.”, says Dr. Licciardi.

Candidates using the My People Vote© app are taking advantage of this opportunity by continuing to find favorable voters in their campaign’s easy to use mobile app. Volunteers can easily find their friends, family, and other associates in the app by using the simple search functions. When they find favorable voters, who are among their own phone contacts, the up-to-date contact information can be easily imported to the campaign’s database. The database is secure and does not share the data with any other entity or political party.

The My People Vote© app allows campaigns to virtually canvass streets and neighborhoods. Campaign volunteers can even canvass families and relations by searching for specific surnames in the database e.g. “the Johnsons” or “the Mannings” or “the Bensons.”

My People Vote© can export direct mailing lists, walking lists, and digital files that you can save. The information that your campaign collects is proprietary to your campaign. Your campaign owns the information, not a political party.

My People Vote© takes the guess-work out of the campaign. Your campaign will know who all of the voters are in your district and how frequently they vote. You can filter and prioritize the voters you want to contact based upon any demographic category, including their likeliness to vote in your election.

If you’re looking for an advantage for your election, that will take your campaign from “Day 1” through early voting and election-day poll watching, do what more than 100 Louisiana campaigns have done and get the My People Vote© app. Get more information now at .

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