Big Horse Races To Saddle Up Later This Year


Horse racing events this year will find its way settling to new dates to get away from the COVID-19 halt. Earlier this year, a lot of significant sporting events got suspended until next year, disappointing many fans and bettors. However, notable horse racing shows are still happening but are moved to a later date this year.

Through this, many horse racing fans and bettors can still look forward to many races happening in some legendary race tracks. The betting games remain the same and can become more exciting since the horses will be more competitive. Aside from that, huge prizes are at stake, so there’s a reason to look forward to these horse racing shows.

Hence, here are some of the most celebrated horse racing games that will take place later this year. Also, you have to make sure that you get updated with the betting odds to find the best entry and win in the upcoming wagering games. The odds value of each horse is updated in major horse racing platforms so you can access them easily.

Kentucky Derby

There is nothing more exciting than hearing about the Kentucky Derby finding its new date later this year. It is one of the most notable races in the United States and serves as the first leg of the U.S. Triple Crown Series. Instead of settling in the first week of May, the Derby was moved on September 5, 2020, at Churchill Downs.

Remember that the Kentucky Derby this year is looking for an epic comeback after ending a controversial season last year. In fact, bettors and fans can look forward to new sets of three-year-old thoroughbreds that will compete in this year’s Run For The Roses. The Derby-prep races are almost complete, and just a few months from now, Churchill Downs Inc. will announce the final list of Derby hopefuls.

Preakness Stakes

The Preakness Stakes follows after the Kentucky Derby. This is the second jewel to the U.S. Triple Crown, and the horses that successfully completed the Derby are expected to participate in this horse racing tournament. However, unlike the Kentucky Derby with a new date set, the Preakness Stakes has no identified date this year.

The Stronach Group announced last month that the Preakness Stakes might follow after Kentucky Derby’s set date. However, the final date will be announced sometime in the second quarter of this year. The Preakness Stakes has the shortest running distance and will be held at Pimlico Park. Still, the Derby winner must accomplish this to qualify for the Triple Crown race.

Belmont Stakes

The Belmont Stakes is the final segment of the U.S. Triple Crown Series. Unlike the Derby and the Preakness, it has the longest-running race course that tests the real strength and stamina of a Triple Crown hopeful. Racehorses who made it to the Derby and the Preakness Stakes are expected to take part in the Belmont Stakes.

However, the NYRA (New York Racing Association), which operates the Belmont Stakes, has not yet settled a specific date for this major horse racing league. Just like the Preakness Stakes organization, the NYRA might announce sometime this year as to when the Belmont Stakes will settle.

Breeders’ Cup

Apart from the U.S. Triple Crown Series, which is composed of the three races mentioned above, the Breeders’ Cup is another significant horse racing league most fans celebrate every year. This season, the Breeders’ Cup will settle on November 6 and 7, 2020, finding its home at Keeneland racecourse at Lexington, Kentucky.

According to the Breeders’ Cup Association, they are continually watching out for updates regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. The event is scheduled to settle by the end quarter this year, and tickets are up on their website for reservation. If you are one of the fans and bettors who’d like to witness the Breeders’ Cup this year, then you can reserve tickets in advance.

Pacific Classic Stakes

The Pacific Classic Stakes is another legendary horse racing game hosted by TVG every year. It happens every August and settles at the Del Mar racecourse. It features a thoroughbred-flat racing league, allowing three-year-old and up racehorses to saddle in a 1 and 1/14 mile dirt track.

Moreover, the Pacific Classic Stakes has a guaranteed purse prize of $1, 000, 000. The tickets are already available on their site so you can reserve early. They offer different kinds of tickets, including hospitality ones, so you can gain the ultimate experience upon joining.


Horse racing games will be more exciting this year as horses are given extra time to prepare and hone their skills. At the same time, bettors can come up with better wagering strategies to help them win when betting. Thus, make sure to consider going to the horse racing events mentioned above to enjoy the games, while at the same time, earn substantially through bets.

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