Best Jobs to Consider During COVID-19

Best Jobs to Consider During COVID-19

The societal effects of COVID-19 caught everyone by surprise, from the President of the United States to the everyday working person. While countries around the world continue to cope with the virus’s severity and work towards a vaccine, millions of people lost their jobs. The U.S. hasn’t seen this level of unemployment since the Great Depression. Anyone out of work must check out any of these best jobs to consider during COVID-19 to help during this stressful and confusing time.

Gig Work

One of the top hirers during the COVID-19 pandemic is gig work companies, such as Instacart. For those who don’t know, Instacart is an app that allows users can order their groceries from a local store through a third-party delivery service. This third-party service is composed of independent delivery drivers who physically go into the store, collect all the items, check out, and deliver them to their location. Initially, these services were the most helpful for people who couldn’t leave their homes, such as the elderly or physically handicapped. However, due to Louisiana’s stay at home order, that category now includes just about everyone. Those who are looking for jobs can take up this one to earn some money and serve their community.

Medical Staff and First-Responders

Anyone qualified to aid in the fight against COVID-19—specifically first responders and medical staff—should do so. This could include recent retirees, those who left in pursuit of another job, or even nursing and medical students qualified to help. Hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities desperately need nurses, doctors, and staff to help treat patients. If you aren’t a healthcare worker, there are plenty of non-medical essential job openings, such as custodians and kitchen staff. No matter the job, anyone can help fight the pandemic.

Trade Jobs

Trade jobs are some of the best available jobs during COVID-19 because they are essential to helping people and other businesses. Construction crews need to build new healthcare facilities, plumbers need to fix water fixtures and pipes, and electricians must ensure electricity reaches homes and businesses (read more on

Even locksmiths are vital in this turmoil. Once they have the right locksmith tools, locksmiths help people access their locked cars, homes, or businesses. Who knows? You may even help a nurse or doctor gain entry to their car or their work.

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