Ways to Save Money on Commuting

Ways to Save Money on Commuting

Commuting is a necessary part of life for most people in New Orleans, as it is in most of the country. Still, driving to and from your workplace nearly every day of the week can be financially draining. Gas, insurance, and vehicle maintenance quickly add up in your monthly expenses, and if your car is newer, you’re probably still paying it off. To lighten the burden, contemplate practicing these ways to save money on commuting.

Research Alternative Routes

Just because a certain route is the most straightforward doesn’t mean it’s necessarily the fastest route to take during rush hour. Research alternative routes you can take to and from work and try out them out. You might find a way that saves you time by avoiding the majority of your fellow motorists. The less time you spend sitting idly on the road with your engine and AC on, the less you’ll have to spend on gas.

Stay Conscious of Your Driving

It may not feel like it would make much of a difference, but aggressive driving can also end up costing you more money. When you stomp down on the pedal to accelerate more quickly and abruptly brake when you need to stop, you’ll burn through your fuel faster. You might also wear down your car earlier and need to pay more for maintenance, since you’re putting the vehicle under more strain. Seek to smoothen the way you drive with gradual starts and stops.

Ride a Bicycle

Going for a bicycle instead of a full-size motor vehicle saves you money because you don’t need to pay for gas or other large fees. You can also get some exercise and greatly reduce the effects of your commuting on the environment, since you’re no longer riding something that produces exhaust. If making the switch to a bike seems daunting, you can also use an electric bicycle, which will supplement your pedaling with electrical power when you need it. With the city becoming increasingly bike-friendly, there’s no better time to try this way to save money on commuting.

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