Artistic Greats Of NOLA, Locked Down And Unstoppable!

It is safe to assume that the lock down/stay at home order due to the C19 virus is a drag for all of us. Sometimes it seems as if these unfortunate circumstances are all many have on the brain. Fear not; our devoted local musicians and all artists are going strong, sharing their videos and other creations with all of us and heal our ails. These die hard creative minds are running streaming concerts, as are popular local venues such as The Maple Leaf and  The Neutral Ground still have a fully booked online schedule for lovers of the arts!

One example, who I have had the privilege of her acquaintance for several decades, Sarah Quintana has been diligently running her streaming music with a detailed schedule for fans of this amazing soloist with one of the most beautiful voices one may ever here, has her schedule fully posted and marked for her ever growing fan base!

Another cornerstone of New Orleans upbeat ukulele tunes, both 1950’s Bubble Gum covers and his ever so quirky and catchy original songs, Jacob Windstein aka Ukulele Jake has also been full speed ahead with his music which he generously shares online. Jake has also become a regular fixture at Live Oak Cafe. Even without the delightful diner menu and atmosphere his music still resounds! “If I may paraphrase Homer Simpson, my music, and the striving to make it perfect, is the cause of and solution to all of my life’s problems,” is Jake’s optimistic remark on these strange times and how he is getting through them.

Mike True, a long time musician, now a New Orleans resident and musician for many years is bummed out that he worked on a large array of paintings to sell near Jazz Fest. Since the festival is not happening, his work is now available on his Facebook page, Mike True 712. He also has much to say in the music he has available on his YouTube page.

Lastly, The Dorian Greys are sharing more Front Room Series than ever and its newer low budget film making conglomerate, Rest Assured Productions is humming away all the time. The Dorian Greys are a cover band with some originals and more in the works. Rest Assured Productions poses Screenwriting challenges featuring open ended concept footage, asking that fans tell the story of the short film THEY see in a comment. The still relatively new group of filmmakers also shares their renderings of some favorite film scenes and an array of original vignette series and other fun, creative material.

Along with these home viewing alternatives to those beloved nights on the town, mingling and catching local talent in person, many people are tapping into their inner artist and icon, blogging, sharing videos of their own design, creating better, more personalized memes, mashups, and more. This is another way to pass the time at home. Everyone is on social media far more since the Stay At Home Order. If you have something to share with the virtual world, people will pay attention. For example, one could collaborate with a roommate, family member, spouse, or other cohabitant and can easily start up an infinite array of point/ counterpoint or other sort of discussion podcast or even go solo. If you are passionate about something, what you post will play out wonderfully. Often when produced in the right context with some great theme music can turn a tour of your property into something intriguing. So why not go with our instincts and see what comes out? Many may find a new hobby and/ or calling. It proves far more satisfying to put your mind to put something in which you take much interest to the next level.

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