What You Need to Know About Social Security During the Coronavirus

The spread of coronavirus has caused tremendous anxiety and scare among U.S. citizens. The uncertainty it brings does no good in alleviating the fears that lurk in the mind of many individuals, mainly since health is the top issue. Many are wondering what will happen to their social security disability checks now that the disease is rapidly bringing the economy down. To make things easier, we listed everything you should know about social security amid the coronavirus pandemic

Continuous Social Security Disability Checks

Despite the rising number of patients testing positive for COVID-19, the Social Security Administration revealed that they will continue paying beneficiaries. The federal government announced that many individuals would qualify for and receive $1,200 stimulus checks. However, it is best to assume that there will be delays for those who opted to receive their benefits via paper check. If you chose direct deposit, then there should be no issues at all. 

Getting Online Help

Since the Social Security Administration (SSA) closed its physical office, the only way to communicate with them is via their website. On this site, you can apply for disability and retirement benefits. You can also check the status of your existing applications and appeals. If you have a benefit verification letter, you can print your copy. 

However, you need to set up an online account before you can proceed with all the following activities. To do so, you need to prepare your social security number, mailing address, email address, and other pertinent information.  

To make sure that the SSA can prove it is you setting up your account, you must be able to pass their identity verification. Most of the information that they require can be found in your tax forms, so make sure you have them as you set up your account. 

You may also call your Dallas social security disability lawyers to help you weigh your options. 

Applying by Phone

If going online can be troublesome for you, you can also apply for your social security benefits by calling the SSA toll free number. However, your concern may not be immediately dealt with. As per their announcement, the bulk of SSA’s phone service would mostly cater to individuals with urgent and pressing needs at the moment. At the moment, they give priority to those who failed to receive their monthly check or those who are at high risk of becoming homeless. You also have to understand that it may take a while since most offices have a skeletal workforce. 

In-Person Appointments

While it is highly advised to stay home during the coronavirus scare, the SSA can decide if there would be a need for individuals to make in-person appointments. Most of the staff of SSA are currently working from home to minimize the spread of the disease and encourage social distancing, so it would be best to call in advance first to make sure that there would be staff who can assist you with your concern. 

Beware of Scams

The threat of the coronavirus does not stop scammers from harming unsuspecting individuals. Make sure that you do not give out your social security number should there be someone who calls you. One of their methods is to tell you that the payments are going to stop amid the coronavirus scare. Don’t believe them and instead rely on the announcements from the SSA website and other government channels. 

The federal government, albeit late, is working to provide the necessary payments to individuals who rely on their social security benefits. Should you have any concerns about your benefits, don’t hesitate to call the SSA or send your inquiry through their website. 


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