3 Ways to Celebrate Life Events While Social Distancing

3 Ways to Celebrate Life Events While Social Distancing

We all have a responsibility to ourselves and to each other to uphold social distancing measures. However, that doesn’t change the fact that staying apart from our loved ones can put a serious damper on celebrations. From birthday parties to graduation celebrations, families across the world have had to cancel the gatherings they were anticipating. Fortunately, social distancing doesn’t have to mean celebrating is over. With a little creativity and planning, you can still make the special moments memorable. Here are three heartfelt ways to celebrate life events while social distancing.

Take Advantage of the Internet

There’s a reason everyone’s jumped onto Zoom meetings and FaceTime calls recently. The internet is full of these and other resources to help you connect with the people you can’t see right now. Call in for a family dinner or set up Netflix for a cross-country movie night. You can even create virtual cards, gift baskets, or video messages to spread your love across the distance.

Send a Gift

Gifts have always been part of our celebrations, and they remain one of the best ways to celebrate life events while social distancing. Browse online stores to find the perfect little gift to fit the occasion. You can even seek out independent businesses online to support small businesses while at home. It’s hard not getting to hand someone their gift, but shipping presents is a great way to still let them know you’re thinking about them. Plus, you can always add a card or call them when the present arrives to add a personal touch to your gift.

Make Home Special

Part of the fun of celebrating is that you get to do something out of the ordinary. You might not be able to go somewhere new to celebrate, but you can still make an extraordinary experience at home. Have a picnic in the backyard, make your favorite meal, or set up blanket forts for movie marathons. Get creative with what you have in the house and remember that spending time with your closest loved ones is what matters most.

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